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Could I have developed bi tendences nearly over night???

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Question - (26 January 2009) 1 Answers - (Newest, 26 January 2009)
A male United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Hi, I am 21 years old and have always believed myself to be 100% heterosexual, until recently (about a week ago to be exact) I have been thinking that I see or 'notice' guys. Sometimes I just think its psychological coz its as if i have developed bi tendencies overnight, and also one minute i think i see a guy as handsome or whatever and the next that feeling has disappeared completely, I have only ever been with girls.

The other week I looked at gay porn (just out of plain curiosity) and the whole idea of two guys kissing repulsed me, and while looking at straight porn i get a completely different feeling altogether (i dont normally watch porn its out of curiosity) also when i have been out and about and gay guys have tried to hit on me, I instantly take a step back.

now I currently have a long distant gf in Spain who I love to pieces and i'm just so confuzed. Do I tell her? I will not see her for another 2 weeks and the suspense is just killing me, its too long to wait to discover my sexuality, the long distance thing is getting to me and i didnt realise it before now. I am 21 years old i shold know my sexuality now. is it really possible to just suddenly become Bi? sometimes i feel like these feelings are just 'crush's or its just infatuation as when i'm not thinking of this issue i dont always notice guys. Is it possible I'm just blowing a little minor thing out of proportion and its all just psychological?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (26 January 2009):

i think once you start feeling emotional connections w/ men, then you might start to question your sexuality…as far as physical attraction towards another man…maybe you just see that man as something you wish you looked like…or are just appreciating his appearance…it's natural for people to stare at beautiful things…girls check out/envy/appreciate other girls who they think are hot and no one questions they're sexuality…i think that is just our society where guys aren't allowed to do the same w/o being homosexual

as far as defining your sexuality, only you will know in your heart…i say until you develop a crush on a guy, you're straight…just b/c you check one out doesn't mean your bisexual, i don't think…

all i can think though during this is…THREESOME!! lol i'm horrible…you're girlfriend might not be that kinky anyways…OH! and my younger, kinky cousin and her fiance have had threesomes and foursomes w/ her two other dudes…she's totally hot and her boyfriend is SUPER straight…becoming bi overnight is not gonna happen though…i think you just need to get laid :p

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