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Can't tell if he likes me or he's just messing around. Should I push it?

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Question - (31 March 2011) 2 Answers - (Newest, 5 May 2011)
A female United Kingdom age 22-25, *ebeccaa writes:

Hello, so i kind of like this boy at school, but i didnt used to, i only like him now because of how nice i realised he is, but he can be quite complicated. He always texts me we talk about everything! I won't admit to anyone that i like him only to my closest friends. When he has to stop texting me for what ever reason (hes going to bad or low battery or low credit) he will usually say see you tomorrow at school and then put lots of kisses, but i dont no what to put back when he says that.

He will also call me babe alot which i find quite cute but i never no what to say back to that either, because i dont want to seem to pushy but i also don't want to give him the impression i dont like him either. So what do i say? Also a boy at school was picking on me all my friends stuck up for me and i got really upset, when i got home he text me saying hope you are ok now. Then i said yes i am thanks, and his reply was 'lol i love you ha ha see you tomorrow'..

normally i would think oh my god he likes me! but not with him hes really different and hard to understand alot of the time so i dont no whether hes just being friendly messing around or he actually means it. Hes really shy at school as well, and doesnt really open up he will speak but when hes talking he wont look at you in the eye he will look away or at the floor, where as when im texting him he tells me everything. What should i do? Should i push it further or just see what happens? What should i say back to his texts too?

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A female reader, Rebeccaa United Kingdom +, writes (5 May 2011):

Rebeccaa is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Rebeccaa agony auntthankyouu

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A female reader, kryssy United States +, writes (6 April 2011):

kryssy agony auntwell, if he's open with you when he texts you, he is obviously more comfortble expressing himself that way. my guess would be that he does like you. and when he says he loves you, you should tell him you love him too, (if you really do) and in school when he's being shy, you should act really excited, or happy to see him, and try to make him feel more comfortable with you in person as well as texting. and when he calls you babe, just act as if it's completely normal, and occasionally add in a "babii" to your texts as well. good luck :)

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