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Can I get pregnant from sperm in the mouth?

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Question - (11 March 2009) 5 Answers - (Newest, 11 March 2009)
A female Philippines age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Well im a little nervous. I usually have a 29 day cycle, ive had it for 4 months now. my last period was Febuary 8 2009.

I had oral sex with my boyfriend last feb 26, 3 days after my calculated ovulation time of feb 23. Now im around 3 days late...

Now what happened was well i think he accidentally touched me with a little bit of precum in the beggining.

Second, i gave him oral and he came into my motuh. we kissed but before we began again we washed ourselves with soap and water, from out bodies to out mouths. We also drank water.

Then he rubbed against me with just our underwear on, but both of us didnt cum.

the last situation thats worrying me is that he might have accidentally dripped water with his sperm in it (while washing) into the pail of water before i used it.

Could i have been pregnant?

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A female reader, eyeswideopen United States +, writes (11 March 2009):

eyeswideopen agony auntStrangely enough you can get pregnant this way, but only in the Philippines.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (11 March 2009):

You might like to read this thread, the same question was asked previously and had some really great answers - make sure you go right to the beginning of the answers though!

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A male reader, ArmyMedic United Kingdom +, writes (11 March 2009):

ArmyMedic agony auntHa ha ha! Oh god your serious aren't you?

You CANNOT get pregnent from giving blow jobs, you can from pre-cum in your vagina, and you won't if a spoy of pre-cum got in a pail of water!

PLEASE before having sex again, read about it A LOT, everything you can find out read it! Also make him wear a condom! You should not be having sex if you don't understand how making babies works and I mean a full understanding.

The bottom line here is if in doubt go and see a doctor!

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A female reader, k_c100 United Kingdom +, writes (11 March 2009):

k_c100 agony auntYou absolutely cannot get pregnant from having his sperm in your mouth, this is just crazy! Sperm has to travel from your vagina into your womb and sometimes up into the fallopian tubes to fertilise the egg. If you swallow sperm, this goes into your stomach followed by your intestines and then out of your body(and if you really dont know anything about biology, this is not anywhere near your reproductive organs nor is it connected in any way!).

Rubbing against you with underwear on also means that there is no way you can be pregnant. The sperm would have literally had to come into contact with your vagina, with no barriers inbetween. Your period is only 3 days late, this is nothing. Wait for a week, if it still has not arrived then take a pregnancy test if you are that worried and go to the doctors, they will be able to help find out why your period has not arrived.

One thing you may have is an STD as if you had the cum in your mouth and you didnt use a condom then you could have an infection. Make sure you and your boyfriend get tested before you do this again just in case either of you have any infections from previous partners.

I hope this helps!

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A male reader, Helpful_In_Ohio United States +, writes (11 March 2009):

Helpful_In_Ohio agony auntNo you can not get pregnant from sperm in the mouth. That is Physically impossible.

Now on the other hand Pre cumm also has Spem in it and if you and your man have just had sex and waited and a while and had sex again yes the chance of the pre cum having even more sperm jumps up So you may be pregnant from pre cumm bu tin the mouth is just a NO !

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