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Can anyone tell me how to squirt?

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Question - (24 August 2007) 5 Answers - (Newest, 21 February 2009)
A female United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

I am 14-ish and have been wondering how to squirt...i masturbate alot.. and was just wondering...Ive put in like 2 fingers b/c that's my limit and pushed on what felt spongy-like kinda. and just held it i put more pressure and it felt like i was going to is that the start of squirting? how do i i just like hold it and keep pressing or try to pee..LMAO. i have no idea what to do.


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A male reader, expert advice India +, writes (21 February 2009):

expert advice agony auntso it seems to be like you are going to turn 17 or have already turned 17.well let me tell you one thing-how many of you women know the exact difference between orgasming,peeing and squirting?not many women knows about this~~i have studied a lot and have asked many women/girls about this~~let me make this clear to you-peeing means elimination of nitrogenous wastes like urine from the body-simply means comes the question of whether u r virgin or not-thank god u were not born in 1950s or 1960s where it was said that-if u r a virgin,then orgasming becomes more difficult and forget about squirting if u r a virgin.but i have found out that orgasming can be experienced by any girls/women whether you are a virgin or not~it doesnt matter.what matters is the clitoris-the more bigger your clitoris,the more you get sexual pleasure and the more you orgasm.just like men hold their penis & masturbate,women plays with it to masturbate-think as if you are ringing a bell~~those women who are conscious with their virginity can play with their clitoris or use a vibrator on the clitoris to masturbate and have orgasms.just like men,women also cums-let me tell you how?men keep masturbating and cums semen which is thick white milky fluid,women cums a clear watery fluid which is very much different from what is orgasm and what is squirting?see orgasm is defined as a condition in a women where the women gets sexually aoused~how?-the vaginal walls will get wet,breasts enlarge,clitoris tightens and turns from white to pinkish-red and when the guy fucks you,you will fell like something ticklish is going on in your vagina-a stage before squirting-this is what we define as orgasms.Now what is squirting?squirting is defined as frequent cumming and women cum frequently not men because men cums thrice in a day and hence men ejaculate.many women use the term ejaculate in a wrong way by saying that i can ejaculate~~now you may question that why is it that women squirt while men ejaculate?a guy keeps fucking you for two hours and if you are a highly sensitive woman,then in that two hours of sex,a woman will cum approximately twenty times while a man will cum only once.NOW HOW WILL YOU SQUIRT?SQUIRTING ARE OF TWO TYPES-INTENSIFIED AND NON-INTENSIFIED SQUIRTING.a woman is said to be completely satisfied if you experience an intensified squirting.i'll tell you about intensified squirting in details later.In non-intensified squirting, you may use a vibrator of a finger especially index finger and rub your clitoris hard as hard as not stop~keep continuing~you will feel like you are having an ocean runing helter-scelter but do not stop the process and you will find that you bedsheet has gone wet!TRY IT!IF YOU CANNOT THEN TELL ME!I'LL EXPLAIN IT.TILL THEN BYE BYE.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (4 December 2008):

okay first put a finger on the g-spot(spongy area) keep rubbing it when your about to orgasm keep doing a start rubbing your clit and rub the g-spot faster and your clit faster and hopefully that works

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A female reader, VeronicaSkye Canada +, writes (11 March 2008):

I don't think anyone should be told to "wait until they have sex" to have an orgasm! Masturbation is the ultimate safe sex, plus it is very helpful to get to know your own body & be comfortable with it, BEFORE you have sex with another person. Plus how do you know she isn't already sexually active? However, "Squirting" is not the same as having an orgasm. Most women do not squirt when they orgasm, but it can be learned. Do a search on "squirting" on here & you will find other related questions to which people have posted much more detailed & useful answers. I was able to learn to do it just from reading their instructions.

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A male reader, daglish Uganda +, writes (26 August 2007):

daglish agony auntPeeing is very different from squirting. Squirting comes due to intensively un controllable spasms running thrugh your body specifically at the highest level of sexual excitement or climax. Its not easy for you as woman to reach it but continued masturbation will help you learn ur body beta and know when, where and how you can orgasm...Good luck

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A female reader, 15 and worried Canada +, writes (24 August 2007):

im just wondering why do you want to squirt in the first place? and in order to squirt or anything at all you need to have an orgasm.. wait until you're ready then when you have sex and have an orgasm you'll learn from experience

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