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Are there some other types of kisses we can try?

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Question - (21 February 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 15 April 2008)
A female Australia age 26-29, anonymous writes:

I have a question regard different types of kissing. Sometime kissing with my bf can get pridictable. Are there some other types of kisses we can try? Are there places on the body that we may enjoy kissing? Are there some types of kisses that my bf could try on my breasts? Could you tell of some fun activities/games that involve kissing? Any advice about intermixing sex and kissing? Are there some fun types of kisses to try during intercourse? During intercourse are there fun places on the body for me to kiss my bf? Are there places on my body that he may enjoy kissing me during intercourse? Are there some sex positions that are better for kissing?

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (15 April 2008):

I live kissing my wife all the time i am in the room, especially her breasts and during sex, he whole body especially her lower sexual parts including vagina. this makes her go out of control..try it

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A reader, anonymous, writes (21 February 2008):

There's many different types of kissing you could try, it's all about exploration and finding out what you like the most! I like it when my boyfriend kisses me (I don't know what its actually called) but if you imagine going up a few inches from your vagina, and across towards your hips, you find a hard bone on either side there.. Very scientific lol. Combine it with gentle licking, and it can feel amazing. I've never really tried this on my boyfriend, so I don't know if it works for guys too, but it certainly works for me! Some girls like their nipples gently sucked, as he rolls his tongue around the area close to your nipple. GENTLY sucked mind! :] During sex, try missionary position (google this if you're not sure what it looks like) but with him lying closer on top of you. This means you can help him stroke into you too, and you're so close, it's so intimate. This is also great because your faces are so close to each other, meaning you can kiss. Kiss with your tongue, make flicking motions, circling motions, gently nibble his bottom lip. It's great when you can make quiet, gentle moans/groans (general sex noises, but minus the 'oh yeahs' and 'harder' lol) in between kisses, or during! It can make the kiss so much more intimate. Also, during intercourse, you could stop and go down on your boyfriend to give him a period of relaxation and time to regain energy, but instead of going straight to his penis, lick, kiss, and suck his testicles (balls). This can also be called teabagging. But be careful that you don't suck to hard, or hurt him. If he's not reacting well, or at all, then he may not like it. Every guy (and girl) is different in what they like. I hope you have great fun exploring your kissing techniques :] hope I was of some help :] good luck.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (21 February 2008):

Kissing on the neck is usually popular with most people, (like me for example haha), general kissing with my boyfriend can get a bit boring sometimes because I want more than just a bit of a peck and then suddenly, without reason he will just be there and he'll grab the back of my neck and pull me towards him (firmly not aggressively) and he kisses me in this amazing way... its like passionate but tender at the same time. Like, gently but a bit firm and maybe a bit of tongue :P Oh man, its so good.

No-one else has been able to get me going just from a kiss. We also kiss during foreplay (we havent had sex yet but i think that would be a bit complicated) and I find that it makes us a bit more connected on a level thats not just sexual. Hope this helps, I'm not really sure what you were looking for... xx

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