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Am I asking for trouble if I sent naked photos of myself?

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Question - (21 February 2011) 3 Answers - (Newest, 23 February 2011)
A male United States age 36-40, *ike2000 writes:

okay, so recently i had a girl i know ask me to send her pictures of myself naked. i do have a great body and am not shy but refrained as i am not interested in her and dont want to give her the wrong impression. that being said i now have an urge to send or trade nude pix with others, consenting and of legal age of course. im not into the whole porn thing but the thought of others seeing me naked dose turn me on. my question is, am i asking for trouble? and am i weird or perverted for wanting to do this? any advise would be greatly appreciated

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A female reader, MissVee Australia +, writes (23 February 2011):

If you send naked pictures to the woman that you aren't interested in, oh my goodness, hell yes you'll be in for trouble! Nothing says fun to a spurned and bitter rejectee than a little photo posting on any and every social networking site! Do you really want aunt Betty to know THAT much about you??

That said, there's nothing wrong or "perverted" with taking pride in your body. If you want to take pictures of yourself, go right ahead... only be clever and be sure to remove anything that can identify you (just in case), eg. jewellery, cover any tattoos, only take the picture where there is a blank background (ahem: not in front of family portraits or near a window where your neighbour's house is visible - it's JUST common sense) and obviously don't show your face in any photographs. Once a photo has been published to the Internet, it's virtually impossible to completely stop it being spread about, and can hamper job prospects and future relationships, so use as much discretion as possible... or have a really talented lawyer at your disposal...

Hope this helps!

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A female reader, blonde30s United Kingdom +, writes (23 February 2011):

blonde30s agony aunti wouldnt do that if i was you, they could get in the wrong hands or anything. not a good idea at all. i wouldnt even send them to someone in a r.ship who i was seeing so to a stranger is even worse.

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A female reader, No watered down advice here! United States +, writes (22 February 2011):

No watered down advice here! agony auntThere's nothing perverted about sending nude pics of yourself, I know a lot people who does it. careful, you could end up on some nude web site without your consent. As far as the girl you're not interested in,wanting a nude pic, don't do it! I would never send a nude or any other pic to a person I have no interest in.

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