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Hi. My name is Anne, but my favorite screen name is XxAngelDust13xX. I am 18 years old. I just gave birth to my first daughter, Megan, on October 22, 2007. I am very happily married. I live in Florida. I don't really have any counseling experience, I just love to help people. If you do take my advice, it is at your own risk.

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Discomfort during anal sex, are these sensations normal?

Q.   is it normal when having anal sex that you feel like your pooping? I tried it 1 time but it hurt and felt like that but i really wasnt pooping and i just wanted to know if that feeling was normal and if it will go away ever?...

A.   23 July 2008: Yes its normal. and yes it will go away in time. just make sure you are using enough lube and try to enjoy yourself.... (read in full...)

Marriage - what is it good for?

Q.   My boyfriend started talking to me about how marriage isn't very beneficial for guys. If you love the other person, what difference does a marriage certificate makes? Not having it will just make things easy when things go bad. There will be no ...

A.   23 July 2008: I think marriage is a wonderful thing for couples that want to take that huge step in solidifying your relationship, and anouncing your undying devotion to each other to the world. Some people think they dont need" a peice of paper to show the... (read in full...)

She says she likes me as a friend - what can I do to change her mind?

Q.   Hi everyone, I need help. Tonight i kinda got rejected by this girl i like. We have been getting along really well and talkin on msn all the time and we always send each other kisses and that sorta thing. Well anyway we were going to go out t...

A.   23 July 2008: If she just wants you as a friend, there isnt much you can do. I would suggest just being a good friend to her and maybe she wil realize what a wonderful guy you are and decide she wants to date you Stay postitive! XxAngelDust13... (read in full...)

Should I move on to the girls at uni or stay with her and regret it later?

Q.   My girlfriend and I have been going out for 2years from school to university.I love her truely, but our lives are starting to change and there are so many girls at university.Should I break up with her or go on and maybe regret it someday?...

A.   22 March 2008: if you truly love her you shiouldnt need any other girls youll regret it later if you leave her... (read in full...)

I want to be the person I was before I had my daughter. Any advice??

Q.   I just had my daughter four months ago and ever since I got pregnant my entire personality has changed...for the worse!!! I used to be a happy go lucky get along with everyone kinda of person and now i am depressed and angry and rude an sarcasti...

A.   13 March 2008: thank you all for your wonderful advice. i plan to go to the doctor as soon as i get done moving to TN. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!... (read in full...)

Constant bleeding four months after Labor and Delivery. Please Advise.

Q.   I just had my daughter about four months ago and I got my depo provera birth control shot 6 weeks after havign her. Have been bleeding off and on since then. Not a lot just a little, but it is almost every day and I'm worried. Any ideas if ...

A.   10 March 2008: thank you for all your advice. I have a correction to make my flag is wrong i live in the USA sorry!!... (read in full...)

IIlike her, she likes me, but she has a man. what do I do?

Q.   rite ill get straight to the point, ive known this girl for a number of years and as times gone on weve got closer and closer, i like her, she likes me, i know this because weve told eachother, 1 problem she has a fella, we both have feelings for ...

A.   15 February 2008: What is her take on all of this? Is she willing to leave her man for you? if she is then go for it, but if shes not I wouldnt push your luck.... (read in full...)

Disagreement about virginity with my boyfriend

Q.   My boyfriend and I seem to have a disagreement regarding virginity. Four years ago, when I was just a 15 year old, I gave a BJ to a friend of mine. He was always a friend, nothing but. Two years later, this friend introduced me to my now boyfriend...

A.   15 February 2008: I personally belive that you lose your virginity when have INTERCOURSE for the first time. Thats the medical view i BELIVE.... (read in full...)

My boyfriend put the condom on wrong! Am I Pregnant?

Q.   i had sex with my boyfriend a week ago last wednesday and i were due to come on my period wednesday just gone,, i used a condom but my bf put it on the wrong way at first then just turned it over,, could i get pregnant from that write bak asap plz...

A.   15 February 2008: I'm sorry but I have to ask. How can you put a condom on wrong? I apologize if that's a rude question but I honestly dont know. If his semen touched you then go get a test. if it didnt then you are fine. Best bet is to go get a test or ask your doct... (read in full...)

I'm married but I want to be with my ex. How can I do this without causing damage to my kids?

Q.   Here's the situation. I love my ex. I always have and know I always will. Always felt he is the love of my life. We recently acknowledge our true feelings. Problem is I'm married. Miscommunications and a broken heart lead me to my husband to ...

A.   31 January 2008: If you do not love your husband you need to leave him. There is now way that I can think of that you will not hurt your children. IF you stay wiht your husband you will be unhappy, which in turn will make your children un happy. And if you leav... (read in full...)

What can I do about my boyfirends constant lying??

Q.   I have been going out with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years now. I am 16 and he is 17. When we first started to go out he was constantly lying to me and said he only done it so people would like him. But it was affecting our relationship so he ...

A.   31 January 2008: It sounds to me like HE doesnt trust YOU. If he cannot stop lying you need to find someone who will treat you right, which includes trusting you and not lying to you. By the way, cutting your self is NOT going to solve the problem and if he makes... (read in full...)

Is it normal to want sex when he comes near me?

Q.   I am 46 and just met this man 64. We gets on well and have been together for 6 months now. We have sex 3 or 4 times a week. I really enjoy it. We dont live together and just see each other 3 times a week. And recently he starts to complain I am ...

A.   31 January 2008: your boyfriend should be flattered that you want him like that. It should sya to him "hey, this is how attractive you are to me." I see nothing wrong with a healthy sexual appetite. I think it is perfectly normal.... (read in full...)

Why won't he touch me? Am I being selfish?

Q.   The trouble is im in a long distance relationship and only get to see my BF for about 4 days a month or even 2 months. So when i'm home i cant keep my hands off him i want to kiss him and hold him and be intimate with tell him how much i miss him ...

A.   26 January 2008: I dont think you are being selfish it just sounds like your Boyfirend has some self esteem problems. Whenever you see him tell him "Hey that shirt looks sexi on you or "You loo kreally hott today" Complement him whenever you see him. Help him build ... (read in full...)

He's 22 months old and he had a fright in the tub. How do we help him get over this?

Q.   My son is 22 months old. My wife and I have developed a good routine with him at bed time. Bath,milk/story,bed followed by 12 hours sleep. It was all going well until a few weeks ago when he was being bathed by his Nan. He slipped over in the bath ...

A.   26 January 2008: you know how thehy have thoes mats with the suction cups on both sides for your tub? trying getting two and putting one in the bottom of the tub and the other on the side to keep it from happening again. Show him how to get in and out of the tub ... (read in full...)

We need help designing the nursery!

Q.   I just had a baby girl on 11/06/07 I named her Shaniya but it was unexpected because I wasn't suppost to give birth until two more months and the nursery is not ready we painted it light pink everything and the room is going to be pink and white but ...

A.   26 January 2008: The princesses. Your little girl will probably idolize them when she older so why not beat her to it?? good luck!!!... (read in full...)

Am I being paranoid and overprotective.

Q.   Dear Cupid, I've been dating a guy for around 3 months now and I'm very happy within that relationship. Except, he lives in a different city, so we only are able to see eachother once a week. We've promised eachother to be faithful and say...

A.   26 January 2008: You have a case. Let him know how you feel. Communication is key to relationships. He may not know that he is botherin you .... (read in full...)

He criticises any decision I make...should I just roll over??

Q.   I am in a long-distance relationship with a man I have known for 8 years but have been dating for only 4 monthis. Lately I feel he criticizes/analyzes any sort of independence or decision I exert. If I watch a show about a relationship and I tell ...

A.   25 January 2008: Dont roll over.. .BITE! Dont be a pushover. If it bothers you tell him to S.T.F.U. (shut the **** up) Actually, If he thinks its funny you need to let your shoes do the talking for you and talk your way out the door. ... (read in full...)

When we meet it's great but it feels like he doesn't make the effort...should I say something??

Q.   I have been going out with my boyfriend for about 5 weeks but we hardly see each other. I have 6th form and he has just dropped out of university and is looking for a job so it isn't that easy to. So i only really see him at weekends and sometime...

A.   25 January 2008: Ask him to pick a place for yall to meet one time and see what he does.... (read in full...)

Why do I love the thought of a girl performing oral on me??

Q.   I have a boyfriend that I'm completely in love with, but I love the thought of a girl licking me out than a boy... I'm so worried because it seems to turn me on more. Sometimes when he performs oral on me, I imagine it's a girl... I'm not a lesbian, ...

A.   25 January 2008: Nothing is wrong with you. t is perfectly normal. the phrase "girls know what girls want" may offend some guys, but it tends to be true. You dont have a realtionship wiht a girl to likethe idea of it. Would your boyfriend be comfortable wiht you ... (read in full...)

He doesn't meet my sexual needs but masturbates to porn...does this mean he wants more sex but just not with me??

Q.   My sex drive is much bigger than my boyfriends. We've talked about it before, and he says that he likes to 'save it up' because it feels better when he cums if he doesn't have sex everyday. I would definitely prefer having sex more often than every ...

A.   25 January 2008: Um.... your sure you wanna marry this guy right? it sounds like hes married to his hand. I dont belive a word of what hes said. you need to sit down with him a find out the REAL problem. I would also putting the wedding plans off for a bit. I belive ... (read in full...)

How can I stop turning red and act normal around this guy I like??

Q.   Another Guy Problem. I like this guy alot, he is always making fun of me and making me laugh. My friend has spoken to him and he says he likes me and he knows I like him as my friend decided to tell him. He said i act strange around him I guess i ...

A.   25 January 2008: If he likes you what is the problem?? Go up to him and ask him out. Problem solved. If hes ur boyfriend you wont turn red around himm cuz you wont have a reason too. I would suggest not cursing at him though. Its not the best way to get a boyfriend.... (read in full...)

My best mate is behaving strange towards me?

Q.   Hi, Ive got a best mate and we were so close, went out sumwer everynite, likes the same stuff, talked for hours on end about the randomest shit in the world, on the phone everynight ect. But scince two weeks ago when some lad who dosent like me ...

A.   25 January 2008: Peer pressure is the damnedest thing sometimes. You need to get your mate away from this other guy and talk to him and tell him that you dont like the way hes treating you and that you dont deserve it and that if he is going to continue allowing ... (read in full...)

My best friend has broken my brothers heart twice...and I am sick of being involved.

Q.   ok please help me on this on!! My best friend since pre-school startimg dating my older brother about 4 yrs. ago. Well they broke up a year later and since blood is thicker than water i took my brothers side on the situation needless to say they...

A.   25 January 2008: Sounds like a little X-mas HOE HOE HOE!! Let her go. She using you to get to your brother and using your brother to get stuff. Dont you tihkn it's a little more than a coincidence that she breaks up with him right AFTER X-mas!!! She's a hoe-O!... (read in full...)

We started dating and now he is acting weird...what can I do to keep him??

Q.   I met this guy in college. One day he asked me for a walk and he showed me around the campus and then we kissed. After that we started dating but he started to act realy weird. He doesn't call me and he doesnt want anyone to know about us and he s...

A.   25 January 2008: You cannot make someone love you . If you really love him let him go if he comes back then its meant to be if he doesnt the its what will be will be.... (read in full...)

He doesn't want to see me because of my depression but if he isn't interested then why spend so long on the phone with me???

Q.   Where to start. Started talking to someone on line October 06, we were supposed to meet 22nd October, never happened, had a huge online argument instead on a public forum. Started talking again Jan 07, he lived 280 miles away. He moved to within ...

A.   25 January 2008: It's obvious he is interested, But if you really have depression you need to seek professional help. Depression is a very serious illnes that needs to be treated as early as possible. Go talk to your doctor about it. Once you ge on and get used to ... (read in full...)

I am so confused about my ex...should I pursue him or let him be??

Q.   My ex and I recently broke up after dating for only 2 weeks (having been knowing and been attracted to him for a lifetime)..he broke up with me because he said he may still be in love with someone else or whatever, but he also loves me. We (and gir...

A.   25 January 2008: Ex's are so named for a reason X= OFF LIMITS. No matter what he has done, if he is in a realtionship you need to leave him alone. If he is gonna cheat on his new girl than that's his mistake. Dont let yourself get caught up in it.... (read in full...)

Why won't my boyfriend treat me like a princess anymore??

Q.   My boyfriend and I usually talk in "baby voice" to each other, he talks that way when he is being really sweet and wants to show me affection. I admit I haven't been very nice in the past and when he would act like that I would get mad at him abou...

A.   25 January 2008: Princess isnt the word. You like being spoiled. If you are being mean to him than how can you expect him to spoil you. If he says he loves you and is nice to you and its not enough it sounds liek you need a sugar daddy not a boyfirend. Try to treat ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend wants me to give him oral sex but I don't want to...what should I do??

Q.   My boyfriend wants me to preform oral sex but I don't want to. What should I do?...

A.   25 January 2008: Tell him. If he dont like it then too bad. He shouldnt want you to do something you dont wanna do, but if he doenst know your uncomfortable wtih that then you need to let him know.... (read in full...)

We have had threesome's but he doesn't want to be part of a MFM threesome.

Q.   My husband and i have had threesomes with women and he performed with no problems and was not shy or anything. He has no problems with me having sex with other men. I want to have a threesome where i am the object of attention from two men and ...

A.   25 January 2008: Yes. That is probably the reason . My husband said the same thing, and so have my rivious boyfirends. It's a guy thing.... (read in full...)

My husband is a good man but I am struggling to deal with his porn watching.

Q.   I have been reading the QandA's on porn because i am trying to understand how to deal with this issue. My problem with my husband watching it has nothing to do with the sex part. It's my body. I am not over weight but do have the typical c-sectio...

A.   25 January 2008: Sweetie. YOU may think you don't look all that great, but I'm sure your husband thinks you look terrific. I just gave birth to my first daughter and after I had her i thought i looked like sh*t. I had stretch makrs all over the place saggy br... (read in full...)

Is 'micropenis' a real disease??

Q.   I was talking to a boy online that I have been chatting to for a few months, and he just told me that he had a disease called 'micropenis.' He says his penis is only 1/2 inch long when erect, and it is all red and itchy. It doesn't really sound be...

A.   25 January 2008: Copyed From Wikipedia: Micropenis is a medical term that describes an unusually small penis. A common criterion is a dorsal (measured on top) erect penile length of at least 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the mean penis size.[1] The conditio... (read in full...)

Please help! Could I be pregnant?? - from pre-ejaculation.

Q.   Is it possible that i could be pregnant? My boyfrriend had pre ejacualtion on his fingers and i believe that it got into contact with my 'down below'* could this mean that i'm pregnant? I got my period 2 weeks after if happened, but it only la...

A.   23 January 2008: You cannot have a period if you are pregnant, but if you are worried, Go to your local Walmart they have a ten dollar pregnancy test. I used it to find out I was having my daughter! ;) Anne... (read in full...)

How do I tell my brother's friend that I like him?

Q.   My brother has a friend who goes to my school, and ive kind of grown to like him but i dont know how to tell him or even if i should tell him. What do i do?...

A.   22 January 2008: Just be honest and upfront. He won't know that you like him unless you come out and tell him! Just say I like you. If you dont like me its cool we can still be cool with each other. I don't know how you would put that. Make usre he knows that you ... (read in full...)

Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me "come".

Q.   I have had three boyfriends, but now I am married and my husband is intent on making me "come". Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me even come close, except for with clitorial stimulation. Even when I do get to THAT ...

A.   22 January 2008: II DID IT! My husband and I have done what I thought was not to be! I finaly came for the first time a few weeks ago! (Would have posted eariler but I was having trouble with my lil girl) And Holy Cr@p was don't evn know who to ... (read in full...)

I'm an artist, but men see me as a sex object. How can I make them take me seriously?

Q.   I want to advance in two creative fields, music and writing, but when I try to ask advice to males in those fields or send them my work, they often seem to think I'm trying to "come on" to them or make a pass or something. This isn't true, as I love ...

A.   19 January 2008: It is rude NOT to mention your boyfriend. These men may not realize you are taken, and you are leading them on by not letting them know. If you are talking about art or showing them a painting or something just say "My boyfriend really likes this ... (read in full...)

Is my Girlfriend a bit false, its really getting me down.

Q.   I love my girlfriend but most of the time i'm with her she really annoys me, particularly when she is around her mum or speaking to her friends. Her and her mum are always at each others throats and disagreeing and nothing is straight forward...

A.   19 January 2008: We all have our Pros & cons. Everyone has sonething about them that someone else can't stand. You just haave to focus on the good instead of the bad. Mothers and duaghters will argue, we are genetically ennginerred to do just that!!! Let the margue ... (read in full...)

My bf broke up with me without explanations! Could it be his mate's intrigues/interference?

Q.   hi everyone.this sounds a bit stupid my so called boyfriend called it off a few weeks ago and i've not seen him since. to get down to the story, i went to the place i met him yesterday in a way hopeing to see him as well, but all his mates were ...

A.   19 January 2008: I agree with Miss Laura. It should not matter why he has broken up with you. What's done is done and you are proably better off. Anne... (read in full...)

Everything still reminds me of her and I dream about her all the time. It still hurts to have lost her. Any advice?

Q.   Was with a girl for 2.5 years. We had lots of ups and downs. She had a problem lying(sometimes for my better) and i had some times where i got anger and treated her like shit. We truly split back in May when i missed a important event of ...

A.   19 January 2008: That's a tough situation, having her lead you on then push you away back and forth all the time. But you are right about needing to move on. It sounds like, you would be better off without her. Dont take this the wrong way, but if she truly cared ... (read in full...)

My right breast is larger than my left - is this normal?

Q.   I'm 17, and I've noticed that my right breast is bigger than my left one. Is this normal? It's not looads bigger, but quite a fair bit. I read a story in a magazine once about a girl needing surgery because one was significantly bigger, and now I'm ...

A.   19 January 2008: No cause for concern. Alot of women are that way. I have heard theories about it having to do with whether you are right or left handed, or which side you sleep on. But it could mean niether . My right breast is bigger than my left, but i am left ... (read in full...)

What does it mean if lesbians went "all the way"... what is that??

Q.   when two women have sex or "go all the way" what exactly is the difference between foreplay and just fooling around as lesbians and having sex/going the whole way? if that makes sense like if two lesbians say "we went all the way last night"...

A.   19 January 2008: it could mean all of the above. It depends on their prefernce. Some lesbian perfer oral, and some perfer dildos and such. But one thing it means for sure...they both had lots of FUN!!!! ;) Anne... (read in full...)

Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me "come".

Q.   I have had three boyfriends, but now I am married and my husband is intent on making me "come". Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me even come close, except for with clitorial stimulation. Even when I do get to THAT ...

A.   10 October 2007: L.O.L., RCN. You do have a point. And, yes, I am an Extremely lucky woman, I have the sweetest man in the world. He is perfect, in my eyes, and always has me striving to do my very best for him, which is what prompted my question in the first pl... (read in full...)

Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me "come".

Q.   I have had three boyfriends, but now I am married and my husband is intent on making me "come". Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me even come close, except for with clitorial stimulation. Even when I do get to THAT ...

A.   8 October 2007: Thanks. She said that I probably am not really relaxing, and that you have to be TOTALLY limp noodle for that to happen. She said that if I tense up, then it will hurt. She said that is actually normal to have diffficulty with that,and that onl... (read in full...)

Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me "come".

Q.   I have had three boyfriends, but now I am married and my husband is intent on making me "come". Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me even come close, except for with clitorial stimulation. Even when I do get to THAT ...

A.   8 October 2007: Hmm. Well, I am headed of to the doc tomorrow to see what she thinks, but I belive I am just gonna let it happens when it does and not worry about it. I do agree though, about the stress thing. I am 37 wks pregnant so it might just be i am under too ... (read in full...)

Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me "come".

Q.   I have had three boyfriends, but now I am married and my husband is intent on making me "come". Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me even come close, except for with clitorial stimulation. Even when I do get to THAT ...

A.   6 October 2007: Thank you all for your input. My husband is actually being quite nice about the whole thing. He's not being pushy, he just LOVES pleasing me, and that supposed to be the ultimate. He says that if it never happens then it never happens and its okay... (read in full...)

Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me "come".

Q.   I have had three boyfriends, but now I am married and my husband is intent on making me "come". Everything feels GREAT, but none of my partners has ever made me even come close, except for with clitorial stimulation. Even when I do get to THAT ...

A.   6 October 2007: In response to Uncle Phil: Thanks for the response. WE have tried going beyond that point(By myself and with my husband) and it just starts to hurt worse. Any thoughts?... (read in full...)

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