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Im Mia....

I live in Worcetershire in the United Kingdom, I love helping people and work as a carer for the elderly, so having such a demanding job, and working so hard, i had to learn how to play equally as hard!

I love films and music and meeting new people, chatting weather its on the fone, face to face or online.. I love going out to a nice place for dinner..and equally as happy with a bag of chips in front of the tv!

I work out alot at the gym and im nearly always in the pool, as i love swimming! I also love going in the jacuzzi afterwards.

Im very adventurous and love to have sex in lots of different places!

I have an obsession with classic rock and long haired men...!

Im abit confused about my sexuality, as i love men (espically with long hair) and think alot of men are very sexy, and love role plays and acting out fantasys, but i also have strong feelings towards women, and find them so sexy and beautiful, and yet ive never been with one... i might need help from some of you with this, just some advice maybe from someone who has been in a similar siruation?

I try to be there for all of my friends and be a good listener, and i feel im very honest and supportive, so if anyone ever wants a chat, feel free to message me...

Anal sex instructions, please

Q.   i want anal sex so badly......could someone give me a step by step guide? and any tips on the first time? Thank you Mia...

A.   16 October 2007: Thank you very much for everyone that left advice... Myself and my boyfriend tried it recently following all your guidelines... We didnt manage it all for long...but after abit of practising witha butt plug, we will try again.. Thanks again.. ... (read in full...)

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