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Does he have erectile dysfunction or does he not desire me? How can I figure this out?

Q.   How do I know ,if my husband has erectal dyssfunction,or he just does not desire sex with me? It is important to know, as it is too different situation,one,what I can handle, and the other, I can't. He is not medically sick,as he went for check u...

A.   17 July 2009: He's most likely suffering from a form of ED if he is around your age. Has this always happened? If you're concerned, you could both talk to his doctor about viagra.... (read in full...)

Does everyone read their SO's emails?

Q.   I wonder what everyone's opinion is regarding their signifigant other's email? Reading the questions here, too often I see questions asked prefaced by the person saying they read their SO's emails (or messages on myspace or facebook). Am I...

A.   17 July 2009: I do not feel as if my SO is hiding anything from me. So I have no reason to snoop like that. It would be different if you suspected something going on. I found out my now ex was on a website looking for some action on the side because I snooped. ... (read in full...)

Which kind is prefered? Straight or bent?

Q.   iv a question for the female population, but iv been wondering. what kind of penis do you prefer? a straight up one, or one with a bend?...

A.   28 January 2009: It's more about the skill and the attraction to the person who's penis you'd like to use. I've had short ones, big one, straight ones, and curved ones. They're all the same really, it's more about how you use it.... (read in full...)

Love from past contacted me after 12 years..we're both married!

Q.   What does she want from me? I recently opened a facebook account and not one week after posting my picture a woman from my past that I had asked to marry me sent me a message. She said, after a wee bit of small talk, that she had somethi...

A.   24 January 2009: You're married, with children. You should move on.... (read in full...)

He has a gf and I'm heartbroken! Any advice?

Q.   i have a crush on a boy for almost 3 years. my friends know and asked him to ask me out. just a few weeks ago i sent him a message telling him i didn't tell my friends to ask him to ask me out. then i sent him another message asking him if he likes ...

A.   11 January 2009: Hold your head up high, and forget about him!... (read in full...)

What build size do women prefer?

Q.   This is more curiosity then a problem, In general as i know everyone has different tastes what do women prefer in a mans build, for example im 5 10" very broad shouldered with a large chest and a waist narrower then my shoulders with large strong ...

A.   9 January 2009: My ideal guy is: 6'-6'2" I'm not into the really skinny guys but I don't like guys to be super muscular. I just like an 'average' guy. (Must be nerdy though, big thing for the nerds.)... (read in full...)


Q.   Not a love question but I bet there will be someone reading this who can answer! My dad and I are really close and have decided we want to get tattoos together; he's going to get a design right down his back. I'm not that daring yet and want ...

A.   6 January 2009: I've got tattoos on bony areas and fleshy areas. My personal experience, I flinched more when I got a rose on my stomach above my bikini line. That can make it a bit hard for the artist. I would say ankle and foot area are not nearly as painful as ... (read in full...)

Running out of ideas of how to help my overweight brother before he ends up in hospital.

Q.   Hi,i really need some help here urgently. My younger brother who is 21 is overweight-he weighs just over 18 stone and is about 5ft 10. He is quite shy, never had a girlfriend and doesn’t have many friends he just watches TV and plays on his play...

A.   5 January 2009: You've done all you can to help him, he needs to help himself. I'm not sure how much 18 stones is, but if he's morbidly obese maybe you could try getting him to see a doctor for a physical, to show him the damage he's doing.... (read in full...)

Did this guy really get scared or was I lied to?

Q.   I am so hurt and need some advice. There is a man i went to high school with and we recently went out a few times. Everything was so perfect.He led me to believe that we had something special and that he would only being seeing me. I thought ...

A.   5 January 2009: Forget him. Easier said then done, but if he's looking elsewhere, you can't just wait in the wings hoping he'll pick you. Both halves of the relationship need to be there, for there to be a relationship.... (read in full...)

I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks and don't want my period coming on!

Q.   Hi there i just need a small bit of advice. Im going on holiday with my boyfriend for 2 weeks to canada but its the time that my period is due and i really dont wana be on my period. I am currently on the pill and ive heard that people sometimes ...

A.   5 January 2009: It's completely safe to do. When your placebo week starts, skip it, and start a new pack. You're next period might be a little heavier, and you may spot, but it should keep Aunt Flo from visiting. ... (read in full...)

How can I tell her that nothing will ever happen between us?

Q.   hi well i've just got into a relationship that i've been wanting to happen for a long time now because i think this girl is incredible. good looking, fun, funny, sweet and kind. But shes not an open person which is fine. but theres a girl wh...

A.   5 January 2009: I think the anonymous answer hit it dead on about the superficial aspect. However hard it may be please be man enough to tell this girl to her face, it's hard for both parties involved, but she may linger on if you don't close it face to face.... (read in full...)

How do you deal with a difficult parent?

Q.   First off I really know the answer to all my problems: MOVE OUT. Later on in this letter you'll find out why I haven't yet, but I suppose I just want to share my thoughts with people who perhaps have the same problem and to find out their opinions ...

A.   29 December 2008: I've been in the same boat. My mom used to controlling and mean to me at home, but outside of our house, it was completely different. It took us getting into a physical fight shortly after my 18th birthday for me to make a hard decision, and to ... (read in full...)

What is the normal age for the following sexual activities?

Q.   I'm curious as to at what age certain sexual activites start to happen. If some one could tell me the average age for the following: Seeing a girl naked (in person obviously and not a baby or something) Fingering Oral (to a girl) Oral (recivi...

A.   26 December 2008: It's not like you reach a certain age and have to become sexually active. I was 17 the first time I kissed someone, I was 18 the first time I actually had sex (We did everything from fingering, oral, and sex over the course of two months.) It's more ... (read in full...)

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