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I am a 26 year old wife, student, and small business owner. I have been married for about 18 months, no kids yet, and my husband and I run a boat charter company together. I am currently studying part time for my MSc in Clinical Psychology, and have worked in a facility for adolescent offenders. I also paint and sell my artwork, and handpainted glass. And yes... I still have time to answer questions here!

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My first love is back in the picture and the flame is still there, what do I do?

Q.   Hi I am a woman who is happily married to a wonderful man. we have two great daughters. The problem is that some time ago before i met my husband (17 yrs)i was travelling and lived on a kibbutz in Israel. Whilst there i met a truly fantasti...

A.   27 April 2006: This is a difficult situation, but you need to figure out if what you are feeling now is really love for this old flame, or just rosy and idealised memories from your time together long ago. Seventeen years is a long time, and whilst you say the ... (read in full...)

I'm very sexually inexperienced..and am afraid my bf will get bored with me quickly, as a result.

Q.   Im with my boyfriend (29) for 7 months, im 23 and had never slept with anyone before him(no pressure was put on me to sleep with him,very sweet guy), i never mentioned this to him as the only reason i was still a virgin was because i was never ...

A.   26 April 2006: Any man worth his salt would love to have a woman who is ready and willing to learn like you are. All you have to do is ask. Next time you are getting it on just pause and ask him 'what would you like me to do?' As you are trying new things out ... (read in full...)

My past torments me and I'm obsessed with blood, how do I help myself

Q.   This sounds like a really stupid question, but this is REALLY important it's scaring me. Is it possible for so many awful things to happen in your life that all the bad feelings they build up inside of you turn you, well...evil? sounds stupid i ...

A.   25 April 2006: I would really urge you to seek some proffesional help for your problems. If you fell off a bike and broke your arm you would seek help from a doctor. The things that have happened to you in your past have wounded you in just the same way, and ... (read in full...)

The stress of being in debt is getting to him, how can I get him to lighten up?

Q.   My fiancee is always freaking out about money...bills..and debt. We owe about 7000$ in credit card debt and a few medical bills. He works 40 hours a week and I am on disabiity which provides us with free food and half the rent paid every month. I'm...

A.   25 April 2006: I can't help but wonder if you are the one that needs to get more serious rather than him lightening up. Credit card debt of this size can be a really serious problem, and it sounds like he is making a real concerted effort to get out of it. The ... (read in full...)

She is on the verge of wrecking my marriage because of her internet guy, What should I do??

Q.   my sister in law is having an affair with ssomebody she met of the internet she has since told several people and to protect my relationship i have told my partner whose brother she is married to he is now threatening to leave me and tell his ...

A.   25 April 2006: I can't understand this... why would he leave you because she is cheating? I can understand him wanting to tell his brother, but what part do you play in all of this?... (read in full...)

He's got porn and videos of me and him-and-me... But now I find a porno mag of his and I'm steaming!

Q.   Okay, I have been having this terrible dilema with my boyfriend for some time now. I, personally, am against pornography, and he is not. A while ago, I asked him to get rid of the porn, he did, and I was happy. Just recently, though, I found a ...

A.   25 April 2006: Suorpio is right. Men (and women) can and will look, think, or fantasize about other people from time to time and this is NOT a betrayal of YOU. Hey! I have fantasized about making love to Johnny Depp aboard the Black Pearl! Does that mean I am... (read in full...)

How do I deal with my depression?

Q.   I hope someone can help with my problem. Basically, im 22 years old and I think I have depression. I have always been a negative and gloomy type of person but over the last year I have got so stressed out with work amd money problems that now I dont ...

A.   25 April 2006: These are the classic signs of clinical depression and I would really urge you to get some proffesional help. If you go to your regular GP he can refer you to someone who specialises in depression. Depression can be a disease just like any other, ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend hasn't said thoose 3 words, Should I be worried??

Q.   I am with my boyfriend for 8 months, waited 2 months to sleep with him,we'v been on holidays together and get on really well, he's very considerate,sensitive and a genuinely decent men but has never said "I love you". I feel that he does love me but ...

A.   25 April 2006: Well maybe he is having the same thoughts as you... ie he doesnt want to say it until you have! Don't forget a lot of men feel they have to be manly and not discuss their feelings, he may be too embarrassed to break the ice first. I suggest you ... (read in full...)

What can I do about the taste of a man's cum?

Q.   is there a way to get use to the taste of a mans cum when giving him a blowjob?...

A.   25 April 2006: Practice!!! Seriously though, there are some things HE can do to make his cum taste better. You are what you eat, and if he wants to taste sweet for you he should stay away from the red meat, alcohol and asparagus, eat fruits and drink plenty o... (read in full...)

We broke up and he tells me I am too large for sex. Should I believe him?

Q.   My boyfriend and I just broke up.. It's kinda a long story so I won't get into it. Part of our problem was sexual. He started by saying that I am super hot..the hottest girl he has ever been with. He would watch me in the shower, masterbate while ...

A.   25 April 2006: Every one of us is unique in shape and size and I am absolutely positive that there is nothing wrong with you at all. As willwombat said, it sounds as though he is covering for his own inadequacies, both physically and mentally. If he is used to ... (read in full...)

Why don't I get wet?

Q.   I'm a young vibrant girl, and would like to know what could be some of the reasons for not getting wet while trying to have sex, althought you're really horny?...

A.   24 April 2006: I agree with Yos, plenty of foreplay and relaxing as much as you can will help. Another point that is often overlooked is that if you are not drinking enough water, your body is not going to waste it's liquids on lubrication. Make sure that you ... (read in full...)

How can I get his sister to give us some space?

Q.   OMG..My boyfriend and I had just moved into a place. I know him and his family are really close especially him and his sister..but the problem is, is shes almost over at my house everyday! I moved out of my home to get some space and it doesn't feel ...

A.   24 April 2006: I think your best bet would be to initiate a little girl-talk with his sister. Be as friendly and as nice as you can, but let her know that the two of you would appreciate a little more time alone. Maybe you could pretend to confide in her how the ... (read in full...)

I am going to meet my online guy offline and want to know how I can open up and show him how great I am!!!

Q.   Well i met this guy at Christmas briefly and i got his msn address. We've spoken ALOT and now I'm going to meet him next week with a friend of mine. He says he really fancies me and i really like him too, im just worried things will be really a...

A.   22 April 2006: My suggestion... forward this question to him! He is probably feeling just as shy and nervous. Let him know that you are feeling anxious and I am sure he will understand if you are a little quieter than you normally are when chatting to him ... (read in full...)

How do I stop our insecurities wrecking our relationship??

Q.   Ok guys and gals, Im really counting on you for this one. Sorry for length. The situation is this: I started chatting to a girl about 6 months ago online, at the time that fell apart and a relative died. I helped her through this and we became c...

A.   22 April 2006: Finally found your question! This is a hard one Dazzer, I understand your insecurities, and how much this situation must worry you, but the fact is, at this stage in your relationship, where you have not yet met in person even though you have obvi... (read in full...)

I cheated on my gf and I'm wracked with guilt. How do I tell her?

Q.   very sorry, but it's a long one. I am 23 and very happily living with my girlfriend of 2 and a half years. we weren't together over easter, i was at my parents and she was at hers, on the sunday i went out with a couple of mates, got drunk (altho...

A.   21 April 2006: Sometimes it is best to keep things to yourself. We all make mistakes and sometimes it is best to put things down to experience and just move on. If you tell her you will hurt her. It may make your relationship stronger in the end, but only after ... (read in full...)

We just moved in an argue like crazy. What if we get married and STILL argue!?

Q.   My boyfriend just recently moved in together and we don't stop arguing. He alwaays thinks I am in a bad mood and it bothers him so much and he gets mad at me for being in a bad mood. Hes such a great guy and everythign but someimes he really pushes ...

A.   21 April 2006: You need to sort this out before you even think about marriage. It may be just that the two of you need to get used to living with each other and that things will settle down, but you need to find out before you make the next step. You really ... (read in full...)

Is she cheating or not? How do I handle this?

Q.   Recently i got a new girlfriend, she was great, she was amazing however things have took a turn for the worse... Basically i took her out 2 days ago and we stopped in a hotel, it was a great night and it was passionate, however the next day whe...

A.   21 April 2006: You cannot forbid her to do anything, you do not own her or have any claim over her actions. If she wants to be with this other man she will do it no matter what you do. However, what she does owe you is honesty, you need to ask her honestly if t... (read in full...)

Why don't they like "me" for "me" and not my hotbod?

Q.   Why do guys never seem to like me for me?? All they seem intrested in is my body becuase they think i'm "hot"! (Female, 19)...

A.   21 April 2006: The fact is we all judge people by their appearances initally, it is part of human nature. You are attracted to someones face or body, then you want to get to know them. The thing about attractive women is that many men are intimidated by thei... (read in full...)

The age gap bothers him but I beleive we can make it work, any advice?

Q.   I am 22 This year and my boyfriend is 40. were finding it realy hard but we get on do well, we have the same starsign and enjoy the same things and sometimes we forget the number were labeled by. hes already been married and has a 13year old. ...

A.   21 April 2006: When my husband and I first met he was 35 and I was 22, like you. Not quite such a big gap, but I understand the feelings. The age difference can be an obstacle, but all obstacles can be overcome. You need to find out what aspect of the age gap ... (read in full...)

If he chested on other girlfriends does it mean he will cheat on me?

Q.   Hello!I am a bit worried because in the past my boyfriend has had a lot of girls before me and he has often cheated on them.We've been together for 4 months and he says he loves me and that he's 30 and mature and his past is behind him,and he ...

A.   21 April 2006: Yes, people can change, and it may be that he has matured and has put this selfish and hurtful habit behind him... but then again, maybe not. If he seems to be showing the same level of maturity and honesty in the rest of his life, then it migh... (read in full...)

Is it true love or an obsession?

Q.   I have known a guy since i was 14 and now I'm 26. I have been egaged and have had children, but I could not be happy in that relationship. now i am in another relationship of two years, a pretty good guy, but was again am unhappy. I always think of ...

A.   19 April 2006: I do think that you can get over someone, but I also think it is very hard to do so, especially if you keep coming into contact with the person, (having my own little problem with this right now). I am afraid I don't have too much advice for you,... (read in full...)

Will my pill be effective, I was sick but then I took another one, need advice....

Q.   Will the pill still be effective? Right okay, i am in a bit of a problem right now. Last friday i went out with friends and got a bit drunk and i was sick about 4 times, now i take my pill at 10:30pm every night so the last time i took my pill was ...

A.   19 April 2006: If you took the pill after being sick not before then you are perfectly fine, but if you have any worries at all then for your own peace of mind use a condom until your next period.... (read in full...)

Fingering my gf hurts her...why is this??

Q.   Hey im 16 and im dating a 14 yr old and anytime i finger her it hurts her so bad she cant even put in a tampon why is this have any of you girls ever heard of anything like this before...

A.   19 April 2006: I agree with willy on this one, but if you are going to do it you should also check that your fingers are really squeaky clean and that you don't have any jagged edges on your fingernails, or rough patches of skin. This area of a woman is very ... (read in full...)

He's worried that he's never dated a girl. Any advice I can give my buddy?

Q.   Hi, I'm 16 year old male, I would class myself as very forward when it comes to relationships, although they never last, I'm pretty happy most of the time, however I'm worried this maybe influencing what I need help with. I have a friend whom I'...

A.   18 April 2006: There is nothing wrong with you friend not having a girlfriend by 16, but I understand his worries is all his friends have or have had girlfriends and he hasn't. Maybe he needs to work on building up his confidence around girls. Girls love a guy ... (read in full...)

Why he is not jealous?

Q.   I have been dating my bf for almost half year, he rarely looks jealous. He liked to party, to revenge, I went to party this weekend and two guys walked around to ask my numbers, I told him later on, he just asked, "did you give it to them?" My ...

A.   18 April 2006: Personally I think you should count your lucky stars that you don't have a jealous, suspicious boyfriend. If he is showing you that he cares for you in other ways then you have nothing to worry about. Maybe he feels that you need your freedom and ... (read in full...)

The sex is terrible... And now he ogles other women in public and jerks off to porn...

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been together 18 months. He has intimacy issues but is a good man who I have felt pretty happy with. A few months ago, I discovered that he was looking at online porn. It bugged me a little, but I am by all means not a ...

A.   18 April 2006: Oh my dear, this is just bad bad bad. It is hard to understand why any man would prefer to jack off in front of his computer than be with someone who is obviously understanding, sexually open, and willing accomodate his sexual preferences. Like ... (read in full...)

I like him, but he only tells me that if he didn't like me, he "wouldn't give me a hard time". What's that mean?

Q.   I am trying to figure out what this guy I really like meant. I have known him for about a year and work with him. He has always teased me and given me a hard time.... he calls me by my ex boyfriend's last name even though he knows it drives me nuts. ...

A.   10 April 2006: For many people this is just a way of showing friendly affection. When we tease our friends, we are showing that we have enough faith in them and in the relationship that we have with them, for our friend to know that we mean no harm and not be ... (read in full...)

My god I'm desperate, my daughter physically beats me

Q.   Iam a single mum with a 13 year old daughter who is physically bigger and stronger than me and she has started to hit and bully me. Iam a english size 8 and 5 foot tall and she is 5 foot 8 inches tall a size 24 and 20 stone she totally dwarfs m...

A.   10 April 2006: Nope...don't believe either...sorry.... (read in full...)

Four years of separation, and he says he's ready to give our marriage another go, but he has a pregnant girlfriend!

Q.   I have been separated from my husband for 4 and a half years. In this time he has bought a house wth his fiancee of 2 years, both the joint purchase and engagement I found out accidentally!!! I have always asked if he is engaged as he wears a ring o...

A.   10 April 2006: Four years is a long time to be separated, and both have you have probably changed...but by the sound of it any changes on his part haven't been much for the better. Sounds like maybe things are getting a little rocky with this fiancee of his a... (read in full...)

After 10 years he says he fancies someone else!

Q.   I have been in a relationship for 10 years, now my boyfriend says to my face that he fancies someone else,he says he loves me deeply but what should i do....

A.   6 April 2006: Unfortunately it is quite common for someone in a long term relationship to become attracted to someone else at some point. The problem is in how he decides to act on this infatuation. As Sexybum said at least he has been honest with you and ... (read in full...)

Why the hell did she buy me soap!

Q.   my girlfriend forgot about our first month. and she got me bath and body works hand soap for our first month as a gift and a disney pin. about 20 bucks. she spent 300 on her brother. umm ok money doesnt matter... but soap? i think its just because ...

A.   4 April 2006: I'm sorry...I'm confused, was this a present to celebrate your first month of seeing each other? Or have you been together for a few years and this is the anniversary of your first month? If you have only been seeing her for a month then do ... (read in full...)

Our son wants to work at McDonalds for the rest of his life!!!

Q.   I am worried about my 18-year-old son. He is at university, and I am worried about his lack of ambition after he leaves. He is doing very well academically; however, when I asked him what he wants to do when he leaves, he said he wants to work at M...

A.   4 April 2006: I have to agree with willy here, this is exactly the kind of thing I used to say to my parents when they were pressuring me about choosing a career and worrying about my grades. I would be willing to bet he doesn't actually mean to spend his life ... (read in full...)

His ex emailed of Friends Reunited. Do I have anything to worry about??

Q.   Last night my boyfriend told me how his ex girlfriend who he split up with 15 years ago had emailed him through Friends Reunited to catch up with whats been going on as she was trying to get in touch with people she knew. He was with her for 5 ...

A.   4 April 2006: Plenty of people can and do get over their first love. At this point in time I really don't think that there is anything for yu to be worriesd about at all. A similar thing happened to me just a few months ago, out of the blue my first real 'grown ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend sent his girl friend pictures of him naked!!!

Q.   My boyfriend has a girlfriend who sell herself on the internet via webcam. It fine and I have met her but I still feel funny about them chatting on messenger. I also found out that he sent her naked pictures of himself that her previously too for ...

A.   4 April 2006: HAve to agree with is one thing for him to be friends with this girl, but his exchanging photographs with her is obviously crossing the line and making you uncomfortable and miserable. You should not have to put up with something like ... (read in full...)

Are heels when naked sexy or slutty?

Q.   Do guys consider it sexy when a woman wears heel naked during sex early on in a relationship or do they simply get the impression that the girl is a slut and begin to treat her like a fuck buddy? ...

A.   4 April 2006: As sexybum said, every man is different. If he is open minded and genuine, then he will apreciate your sex drive and sense of the 'risque'. Most mentally mature men will thank their lucky stars that they have a woman who is not afraid to have a ... (read in full...)

Should I tell him about my foolin' around with my cousin?

Q.   I need some help before i do something very stupid! now keep in mind i was young when i did this when i didn't really know what i was doing but yet not extremely young. My boyfriend thinks its good we tell each other all of our past well i did but ...

A.   31 March 2006: As you said, many girls experiment in this way when they are young. The fact that it was with your cousin complicates things a little more, but at the time you were probably too young to know that it was inappropriate. (by the way, don't forget ... (read in full...)

I'm going to be getting counselling, does anyone have any advice for me?

Q.   I wrote a problem on here a few months ago asking for people who had experience of counselling for advice on whether it helped etc. As my problems have worsened, I have recently made my decision to go ahead with counselling and have made an app...

A.   31 March 2006: As part of my training to be a psychologist ( I am still studying) I was required to see a clinical psychologist several times myself. I have to admit that I went initially with a bad attitude as I didn't feel that there was anything 'wrong' ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend likes to aggrevate me about my breasts, why does he do this?

Q.   my boyfriend of almost 2 yrs. will make jokes about my breasts. saying they are little and all, but then when I try to ignore it he will make another joke, then it bothers me and he will apologize and say he is just joking and that my breasts are ...

A.   29 March 2006: Ooooooh! Good one Shania! Let him know how it feels to be rated inadequate because of his body. Men can be so insensitive.... (read in full...)

My vagina lips swell really big after sex, but go back down. Is there something wrong?

Q.   Hey, i noticed once a few days having sex, it felt really weird down below and my vagina lips had swollen up and felt uncomortable, after going to the doctors and that and got checked out, we thought it could have been the use of a flavoured condom, ...

A.   28 March 2006: Sounds fairly normal to me. As willywombat said there is an increased flow of blood to this area when you are aroused, some women just show more affects than others. As long as there are no other symptoms then there is nothing to worry abou... (read in full...)

Help! My mom hates my bf...should I leave him or try to make it work out?

Q.   Hi i am having a mother hates my boyfreind of nine months and so she has baned me from talking to himm she took my cell phone and everything eles away she also pulled me out of school...should i leave him or stay with him and try ...

A.   28 March 2006: The question is...why does your mother dislike this boy so much? It may seem she is being unfair, and it does sound like she is being a bit drastic, but she must have some reason for feeling this way. After all, I am sure she feels she is doin... (read in full...)

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