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My 47 year old boyfriend was texting his friend, a 15 year old girl!

Q.   Did I overreact and jump to a gross conclusion ? my boyfriend is 47 I am 31 we have dated for six moths I recently dumped him for texting with his best friends 15 year old daughter but let me give you some background. We having been dating for ...

A.   21 July 2015: Although I agree with his reaction being telling: when I was 17, I became friends with a 42-year-old. I'm lesbian, she's straight. There was nothing sexual about it: I had a crush on her, sure but I'm 21 now and she's still one of the best friends I ... (read in full...)

Teenager finds 50 year olds attractive?

Q.   I'm 16 and I find men in their 50's attractive. Is this normal?...

A.   15 November 2012: Well, I'm gay but at 19, I've been attracted to women in their thirties and forties for as long as I can remember! All my crushes are at LEAST ten years older than me. I like their maturity and the fact they mostly know what they want and how and... (read in full...)

I just want to be able to talk to someone and relax and not worry what they are thinking about me

Q.   Its a weird one this.. i struggle to mix especially with women.. i'v always had freinds but i never quite feel comfortable around people, more like a bumbling idiot really - at primary school i was freinds with Kirsty then one day another girl came ...

A.   15 November 2012: Okay, first off - hugs! Haha! I know that look on people's faces you are referring to, although I know it's because I'm quite an eccentric person (and proud of it) and most of the time, people aren't on the same book as me, never mind the same ... (read in full...)

Ending a friendship because of inappropriate jokes towards me

Q.   well today a friend of mine hurting me infront of my friends when i say hurting he had joked in me that was uncomfortable and touching words. It has been repititive to me in one day difference. Well today morning i told him that he had hurting me by ...

A.   15 November 2012: I'm sorry to hear your friend hurt you like this - I too have fallen out with friends who've taken jokes "too far". Calmly talk to your friend & explain the reasons why you are unhappy with them & why it hurts so much. Be as calm, clear, fair and ... (read in full...)

My wife is kind of a prude in the bedroom. Would she like a vibrator or be repulsed?

Q.   Wife grew up kind of a prude- never seems to really enjoy sex all that much. Just want her to feel as good as she makes me feel. If I come home with a little help with a vibe that she will be repulsed or OK to try. Any wen think this is a horrible ...

A.   15 November 2012: Bless your heart wanting to make your wife feel good! If she's a little nervous/prudish in the bedroom, I'd discuss it with her or put feelers out first; I wouldn't leave it as a surprise. Let her know that you want to make her feel as good as she ... (read in full...)

How old were you the first time you had sex? How was it?

Q.   Hello I'm curious to know in what age you had first time sex(intercourse), and how was it?...

A.   15 November 2012: 16, she'd slept with guys before me but not girls so it was kinda her first time all over again too! I just remember thinking "The girl I've basically been in love with for three years is going down on me, oh my God!" I was a bit overwhelmed but it ... (read in full...)

Was I wrong for telling my friend this guy she likes, asked me inappropriate things?

Q.   Summary: 1. My friend likes this guy. 2. He text-ed me inappropriate things. 3. I told her and now she is mad at me? 4. Should I have never told her? 5. Will she end our friendship when I was just telling her what happened? ---------------------...

A.   16 September 2012: I think your friend is more angry/disappointed at how she feels for *him* when he's done this and not because you told her - I would have done the exact same thing in your position. Otherwise, she might have been getting herself into something not ... (read in full...)

Is this woman 26 years my senior flirting with me?!

Q.   - She acts 'cold' around other people, but changes *immediately* when she sees me, her eyes sparkling and a huge smile, showing all her teeth. - She constantly plays with her hair and blushes a little when she's speaking to me. There's constant...

A.   16 January 2011: Hahaha yeah I guess I have been a little observant! I'm so pleased you think she likes me back. But like some of you are saying, it's the age difference stopping us. And her boyfriend, of course. Thanks for your answers :) - hopefully there'll be a ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend has a drink problem and I would love your thoughts

Q.   Hello, My boyfriend has a drinking problem and although he admits it and says he loves me and that I'm more important than the booze, he isn't doing anything about it and sometimes he can drink for 10 solid days where I can't contact him as h...

A.   15 January 2011: I feel your pain anon, my girlfriend was raped last year and has been using the drink to combat the pain. It's truly heartbreaking to sit back and watch, knowing it is indeed their own desicion. Does he have a specific reason why he drinks? Maybe ... (read in full...)

Depression issue or stuck in a rut?

Q.   I don't know what is wrong with me anymore...If I have a serious depression issue or if I'm stuck in a seemingly endless rut. I am so irritable with my husband and child almost all of the time. It seems that almost everything that they do gets on ...

A.   26 May 2010: You could have depression. You made a decision to stick with your unfaithful husband, thinking of your daughter, very noble of you - but were you thinking of yourself? You must have been extremely stressed this whole time, and I feel for you. I'd t... (read in full...)

Two years and I still cant make her me someone!

Q.   Hey everyone, Well here's the situation, me and my girlfriend have been dating for 2 years and im not sure if ive ever really given her a true orgasm... The other day we were completely alone and i set out rose petals, turned on romantic music, ...

A.   26 May 2010: Experiment! See what her body responds to. Have you tried oral sex? Clit stimulation is how most women orgasm. LoveObsession x... (read in full...)

Why do I "wet" the bed when fooling around with my boyfriend?

Q.   why do i "wet the bed" everytime he fingers me and when it feels good? is it normal? is the liquid supposed to smell slightly sweet and sour? is it even normal? does weting the bed count as cum or the eletricfying sensation count?...

A.   26 May 2010: Your vagina produces lube, to make sex easier for you and your partner. This 'wetting the bed' is simply you being sexually aroused. Nothing to worry about. I agree though, that if you do not understand this, you are a bit too young or immature for ... (read in full...)

Why is sex painful?

Q.   why does it hurt when he does deep inside of me ( my leg on his shoulders) but it does not hurt when it is not hitting the end ( my legs open at th side of his arms while he is on top of me ). is thr somethng wrong? ...

A.   26 May 2010: I agree with TimmD, I'm afraid. Your body hasn't had enough time to adjust physically for the act of sex, this is another reason why the age of consent is usually between 16-18. You are much more likely to be physically and mentally ready, a... (read in full...)

Should I be over the molestation by now or not?

Q.   should i be over the fact that i was molested? ok, ill keep this short. i was sexually molested from the age of 6-9 and then again by a different man from age 12-16 (This stopped about 3months ago). i would like to know if you think i should be over ...

A.   26 May 2010: Anon., I'm so sorry you have been through these horrific experiences. I don't think anyone 'gets over' sexual abuse quickly, and I'm sorry to say, you will probably carry negative emotions around with you for the rest of your life, that have stemmed ... (read in full...)

How do I apologise to my teacher for causing problems?

Q.   This is another of those teacher/pupil situations... Please don't lecture me, because the damage is already done! Basically I've been obsessively crushing on a teacher for over a year now, I got very depressed last year - I even considered givin...

A.   7 August 2008: heey love (: im going through the same thing, pretty much, although i have my teacher for another year. i cry all the time cause i just wanna tell her how sorry i am for fxcking everything up for her, just by falling in love. she lost all conf... (read in full...)

A student is in love with me, how can I as a teacher discourage this behaviour?

Q.   Ok so I have a problem, I am a male teacher in the UK I am 25. I teach 16 -17 year olds. Having seen all the young ladies on this site who are in love with their teachers it terrifies me! I have a student in my class who has a bit of a crush. N...

A.   1 June 2008: DiovanLestat! I suffer from limerence disorder,which pretty much takes away my romantic control on the 'limerent object', thus being my teacher. i aplogise for sounding harsh,but i needed to stick up for myself there Collary (i) what you said w... (read in full...)

I do not want to be with her, as I know it's illegal. I seek your advice on how to get over her!

Q.   Hi, I really need help. I really really like my (female) english teacher. She's just so beautiful and kind. She lends me book, and I've never got below a G1 in my marks for my english work. (Our grades go Good Sound Poor, and the lower the number...

A.   28 May 2008: god, i have a similar problem, although i DO fantasise about her, and its a dead strong obsession, i just want to say youre not alone (: & hopefully we'll get over it someday ;) lots of love xxx... (read in full...)

Missed period for 4 months! Definitely not pregnant. Symptoms of something else?

Q.   I am 24 years old, and I have one child that is a year and a half old. I haven't gotten my period since the end of December (It's now April) and I have taken 5 pregnancy tests over the course of the last few months, 4 at home one at the Dr's office ...

A.   20 April 2008: this could just be stress. loss of periods happens can happen when a woman is upset, stressed or anxious about something. i missed a period when my exam prelims were coming up. dont worry about it, just think if anythings been worrying you ... (read in full...)

I REALLY love my teacher...its an obsession and she probably knows. What do I do?

Q.   Now - i know that quite a few people have wrote about having a crush on their female teachers, situation seems a little bit different... See, the whole school found out about my crush on a female teacher....and the school b**** ...

A.   9 October 2007: Thanks. Sadly, the teacher wouldn't want to get involved with me anyway!! =P It's easier said than done -- she just seems so perfect! It's got to the point that i can hardly SPEAK around her!! =O Yes. I know thats what a crush i... (read in full...)

I REALLY love my teacher...its an obsession and she probably knows. What do I do?

Q.   Now - i know that quite a few people have wrote about having a crush on their female teachers, situation seems a little bit different... See, the whole school found out about my crush on a female teacher....and the school b**** ...

A.   7 October 2007: Thank you for your advice. I'm 14 years old and i promise im not a pervert! LOL i know taking pictures of her was wrong, but i only did it the once. The singles website really helped so thank you for that (; Do you think i should say anyth... (read in full...)

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