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4 Friends, one guy... what happens now?

Q.   Hey, I give my best friend this guys msn because I love him, she said she would get me with him she started going out with him, the same thing happened again with 3 more people and I'm realy worried that I might just, not be the one for him, but the ...

A.   31 March 2009: Why did u get your friends to chat with him???? Surely there would be more chance that he would see you if you contacted him directly????? Chat to him yourself, get to know him, ask him out for a coffee, learn from your lessons, good luck :)... (read in full...)

Romantic night in...

Q.   I want to plan a romantic night for me and my boyfriend. I was thinking making dinner having a few drinks and dressing in something hot with sexy underwear underneath followed by some hot love making! Does this sound good to guys? or what else can...

A.   31 March 2009: I think any guy would be happy with a scenario like you mention, just go light in the meal :) don't want to be too full for 'dessert' have fun.... check out for ideas to spice things up a bit ... (read in full...)

I want to have sex with my friend’s mum

Q.   I want to have sex with my friend’s mum. we are both single. I have a thing for my friend’s mum since I was in high school. She is in her 40s and I am 22. I know friend’s mum thinks I am cute as she has said so and has kissed/made out with me at ...

A.   30 March 2009: Thing how u would feel if a friend came to you and said, 'hey,is it ok if I have sex with your mom, just need you blessing on this'..... hmmmmmmm i reckon you might get a bit of a surprise with the reply and probably lose a friend at the same ... (read in full...)

Should I get his name tatooed on me or is it bad luck?

Q.   I'm a 22 year old female who is in a very serious and committed relationship with a 32 year old male. I really love him and he loves me we are unable to be with one another physically because he is behind bars. I cant see myself with anyone e...

A.   30 March 2009: Leave it for a while, remember tattoo's are permanent - ok, so lazer surgery can remove em, but, it takes a long time and costs a damn sight more. Don't beleive in superstition or old wives tales, about it being bad luck, but, seriously, leave it... (read in full...)

How to get rid of a girl???

Q.   hey everyone i wanna ask a cruel question here...please bear with me ....i am being cruel to be kind to someone i care a lot.... how should a guy get rid of a girl who is very affectionate, sentimental and emotionally attached to him ? what if t...

A.   30 March 2009: The question that I have to ask is, why, if you are both badly addicted to each other is it that you have to split up? Anyway, check out they have an excedllent section on this sort of thing.... (read in full...)

Would you consider this cheating?

Q.   Hi people, this morning I was walking down the hall of my school with my friends and then I meet up with my best friend. We were walking down the hall and we go past my boyfriend and all my friends say that they saw him hug and kiss a different ...

A.   27 March 2009: He could be congratulating her for doing something, they could be close friends, family, or maybe your friends are lying? Ask him, don't get mad, just ask :)... (read in full...)

Drifting away and always in a bad mood..why?

Q.   I started talking to this really great guy a few weeks back. He goes to the same school as me but I don't really see him around much so we mostly talked through IM and texting. We seemed to really hit it off- we have the same interests, same ...

A.   27 March 2009: Go read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - you'll understand that when guys have problems they tend to retreat into their 'Cave' all u can do is let him know you are there and wait fro him to come back out again :) Its normal for us, we tend ... (read in full...)

What does pookie mean?

Q.   What does pookie mean? Seems like a fun pet name but I would wish to know the meaning before I use it....

A.   25 March 2009: Pookie was the much loved teddy bear in the Garfield comic strip , so if your loved one gets upset cos they think its somehthing else, show them the cartoons :)... (read in full...)

Should I tell my pregnant sister that her husband is sleeping with other men?

Q.   okay so i have this huge problem i discovered through his phone and the internet that my sisters husband is sleeping with other men, i dont want to upsett my sister she is just pregnant for the second time and she always says how much she loves ...

A.   13 March 2009: Speak with him first, can you explain why you were looking at his phone and internet records? Does it prove he is sleeping with other guys or are you just assuming? Whatever the reasons, speak with him and if he is, let him tell your sister, just ... (read in full...)

I don't even want to hug my husband..let alone sleep with him!

Q.   I never thought this would happen to me but I really don't like my husband anymore. We've been together for 10 years, since we were 18, and married for 3 years. No kids and both aged 28. I always thought we were so great together - a perfect fit....

A.   13 March 2009: I understand what you are going thru, i am having similar issues with my girlfriend for similar reasons. Its rapidly becomes a spiral where you can find fault with everythingthe other person does. I recommend you take a look at the BBC site on ... (read in full...)

Is there any way I can recall an email from hotmail if it hasn't been read yet?

Q.   HELP!!! I was really emotional a few days ago and sent my ex a really stupid email which I totally regret now. I am not sure that he has read it yet; is there any way I can recall the email if it is unread? I sent it from my hotmail account. Thanks ...

A.   6 March 2009: Nah, sadly you can't delete your email once sent.....sorry :(... (read in full...)

Guys - when is it just flirting, and when does it mean more?

Q.   I've been good friends with a younger guy for a couple of years and we've always had a light-hearted flirty relationship. A few weeks ago we spent the day together with a social group and he got really intense - sticking really close to me, leg ...

A.   3 March 2009: Why haven't you seen each other since? Are you interested, get in touch with him, at least then you'll know where u stand.... (read in full...)

My brother keeps spying on me!

Q.   I'm 16 and my brother is 12. He keeps spying on me, hoping to see me undressed. Should I invite him to look and get it out of his system, or should I continue to try to hide?...

A.   3 March 2009: I agree with Old Guy, if you let him see, it might start a process where he expects to see more, or worse still tells your parents you let him see you if you stop just try to be a bit more careful when your getting changed... (read in full...)

Unhappy unskinny teen

Q.   Hey, I'm 15 and I live in New York City. I've never been skinny. I'm a size 6. I've never understood: I have a small chest, big hips, not flat stomach, huge thighs, bad skin, frizzy/ curly hair. I just don't understand! I feel like I lucked out on a...

A.   3 March 2009: Curvy is better than skinny in any guys book :) so, don't upset yourself, you are still growing and you will find out one day that you have developed a great body, another thing to consider is not just the beauty angle, but also personality, that is ... (read in full...)

I had underage sex and now I'm worried that I'm pregnant

Q.   hey im underage n i slept wid my bf about a week ago and im really worried i could b pregnant because ive been feeling sick in the mornings and ive been getting worried and im too scared to tell my bf or go to a chemist to get a test in case they ...

A.   3 March 2009: Best to get the test , even if its just for your own peace of mind...... no-one will judge you for buying the test, after all you could be getting it for an older sister couldn't you? So, get down to the chemist and do the test as quickly as you c... (read in full...)

How can I make a guy I briefly dated move on?

Q.   Ok let me break this down. 1) Casually dated this guy 3 months ago. Was very brief. He was not only older than me by 6 years; it was pretty evident he has always had a stern and mature approach to relationships in the sense that he wants to sett...

A.   24 February 2009: Ignore him, block him, you wanna finish with him so finish, every time you talk to him/reply to him he sees that there's a 'chance' you might change your mind. He sounds like he's obsessed and to become this way after so few dates shows that he is... (read in full...)

Want to try online dating but worried about ID theft and stalkers!

Q.   I want to try online dating but I'm really worried about identity theft and stalkers. The idea is very appealing to me but I don't like giving out all that info for the world to see or worse have someone not take no for an answer and follow me. I ...

A.   23 February 2009: Online dating can be fun and flirty, there are many free dating sites available ( for example) and they are safe.... of course, usingthe internet you should make sure your anti-virus and spyware programs are up to date and ... (read in full...)

Should I confront my friend and tell him to stop hitting on my girlfriend?

Q.   I have a question. One of my best friends liked my girlfriend before we started dating. My girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 months and I have to travel a lot for my job. While I was gone on one of my trips, my friend hit on my girlfriend. My ...

A.   23 February 2009: I agree with cerberus, to what extent did he 'hit' on your gf and what were the circumstances? You need to be aware of your facts before dealing with it, otherwise you could end up with a whole lot of trouble over nothing. If you do feel the need... (read in full...)

Is this a no win situation?

Q.   Hi yet again! If you've been following my story you might remember my husband who was for several months flirty texting a work colleague 20 years younger and saying they loved each other etc. although a text I luckily saw from her confirms it was n...

A.   23 February 2009: I can understand your feelings on this, but he has shown his commitment to you by not going to the function. The fact that he has said it is due to another commitment that he cannot get out of is standard practice, at least then if people ask the ... (read in full...)

Sex the first time hurt so much, now he wants to do it again and I'm terrified!

Q.   Hey so me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time together it was good but became painful at some point and the pain went on for a week or two, now he says he wants to have more but I am scared of the pain and feel I can't do it now so how can I ...

A.   19 February 2009: I agree completely with mirrorimg361..... it shouldn;t be a painful experience and any guy who cares about a woman, wouldn't want it to be so. Sit down and talk with him, let him know it was a painful experience, discuss why, maybe work out s... (read in full...)

Should I confront her and ask if the V-Day card was from her??

Q.   Thing recently haven't been good family problems and one main reason a girl. I am the kind of guy that doesn't talk about anything to anyone but recently I have become close in a straight way to a guy we talk about everything and this girl. H...

A.   19 February 2009: Well, the word confront is a bit strong :) If you really want to know, well, just drop it into conversation like "guess what, got this great Valentines card' then turn to her and jokingingly say, was it yours? At least then theres no tensio... (read in full...)

Is it possible to have an operation to restore your virginity???

Q.   I am married and divorced but my family has arranged for second marriage. He wants my virginity back, he said it is possible you can go operate, it is possible?...

A.   19 February 2009: I have heard about surgery to restore a womans virginity, generally I believe its carried out in the Arab states, a simple google search has brought this page: (read in full...)

Any ideas for a single 18 year old girl?

Q.   So I had left a question about my boyfriend (ex) and a friend of his if they both could 'play' with me -left him, now I'm single again... and have no idea what to do. I enjoy the fact that it's so quiet and I can do whatever without him telling me ...

A.   16 February 2009: yeah..... get out and meet people :) Clubs and pubs might not be your cup of tea, what about going to a bookstore with a coffee shop? You meet interesting people there.... Nightschool? want to learn something new? your gonna meet like minded p... (read in full...)

Should I continue working on this dead relationship?

Q.   hey guyz im 18 and very confused. my bf of 2 years is an absolute dork. he hurts me and cheats and neva apologises. ive tried leavin him but i always cum runing bk. and nw hes introduced me to hs family. what i want to know is should i continue ...

A.   16 February 2009: We find it hard to break up from these type of relationships, I speak from experience, be honest with yourself, do you want to be treated like this for the rest of your life???? Just because he's introduced you to his family does this mean you... (read in full...)

Does my husband love me or is it over for him?

Q.   I have been married over 8 years my husband works a lot of hours and he is always busy I got sick a while back and I was very week I asked him if he can stay with me that day His answer was I am not a doctor or do you want me to stay and hold yo...

A.   16 February 2009: Doesn't sound like a loving, caring husband does it? However, before thinking the worst, what is his work? Is it stressful, does he have deadlines, could he face serious repercussions if he took a day off? How is your relationship gen... (read in full...)

My new b/f is obsessed with making out and I'm only 13!

Q.   my new boy friend is obbsesed with making out and im only 13 so ive never made out with a guy. i really want to make out with him but idk and i really like you but will it be wierd? hes also had alot of experiance so what if he expects me to be ...

A.   16 February 2009: You're 13, that means you're underage, and not only that, not fully developed yet, so, wait. If he's done it loads of time before (all guys claim this, its a lie) well, why add yourself to his long list of conquests? You don't mention his age,... (read in full...)

I don't have any faith in myself anymore!

Q.   I have very low self esteem. Im 20 years old and i have no boobs what so ever. I cant come for the life of me. I feel completely defective as a woman. My boyfriend used to read porn before he came with me, but he stopped after starting a ...

A.   16 February 2009: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............ your guy has been with you for a year, this says something, I'm sure he's seen plenty of (what u consider to be more attractive girls) every day when he's with you, but he's still with you!!! If your worried abo... (read in full...)

Why did he call me after all this time? I'm worried he won't call again!

Q.   Hey! Im 19 year old girl and my situation is this...i used to work in hotel with this one guy and i really fancied him and at the time i thought he fancied me too but nothing ever happened so i left work to go to university. I havent seen or heard ...

A.   16 February 2009: Don't stress, if he's taken the effort to get your number and call u in the first place, well its a fair bet to say he'll call again.... there are some crazy people out there who think they have to follow rules, like make the person wait 3 days ... (read in full...)

Did my god brother abuse me?

Q.   When I was a child I use to visit my god brothers house. the older one use to do sexual things to me like rub himself on me with our clothes on while his brother watched. I was about 7 and he was about 4 years older. Is it normal for kids to act ...

A.   16 February 2009: Well, there are different interpretations to abuse, and really, although i can't claim to be an expert on this one, there are a few things to consider. As kids we all start to experiment with our newly developed sexual feelings and it can take ... (read in full...)

What do you think? Do you think cops should be charged and tried as normal people?

Q.   Hi, being a popular site I thought some great answers would come for this so I thought why not? With Britt Lapthornes murder being police that did it, I'm just thinking who can we trust? Nobody! It seems. It makes me wonder did Maddie Mcain get ...

A.   16 February 2009: I agree with Dazzerg. No-one is, or should be above the law, I think actually you will find that the police face even more scrutiny than the 'normal' citizen, and if found guilty of a charge will certainly face much harsher punishment. Of course, ... (read in full...)

I'm having sexual thoughts about my mate's MOM!

Q.   Hi there, I don't know how to say this but I have sexual thoughts about my friend's fat mum. Should I try something with her or what or is that wrong??...

A.   16 February 2009: As we 'grow up' we have to come to terms with a whole range on new and confusing feelings, this attraction to your friends mom is one of those things, but its something u need to deal with, and the BEST way of dealing with it is to understand its ... (read in full...)

Is it possible to squirt with NO g-spot/vaginal stimulation whatsoever, only clitoral ?

Q.   I just want to make sure that this is possible: ~is it normal to, during a clitoral orgasm, squirt? A few times, on purpose, I didn't touch my urethrea/vagina/g-spot whatsoever, and I still squirted--I think. Is this possible? Normal? With NO g...

A.   16 February 2009: My girlfriend would, from a variety of stimuli, so in my humble experiece as a guy is yes, its normal... (read in full...)

How do I break this cycle?

Q.   My question relates to breaking destructive relationship patterns. I am gay but this is not a gay-specific issue. My typical short-lived relationship begins with my attempting to make everything perfect and impressive. Eventually, say by the thir...

A.   16 February 2009: Hey :) You are right in saying this is not a gay related issue, we all go thru similar situations where we try (just that little bit too hard) to make things perfect. Your thoughts that you partner (may) see your imperfections is related to yo... (read in full...)

How can I be more aggressive?

Q.   Hi. I have been with a girl for a long time now, and things have always been fine up until recently. Lately she's been saying that she needs more aggression from me, but I am not an aggressive person and I get nervous being aggressive around her ...

A.   9 February 2009: Maybe aggressive is the wrong word??? Maybe she wants you to be more assertive, taking control. Make decisions for her, don't make the mistake of letting her choose, women do prefer more dominating guys.... don't ask her where she wants to go, what ... (read in full...)

He says he likes me so much its degrading..what does that mean?

Q.   Long story turned into a short one, i'm with a guy who told me that he likes me so much it has got to a point where it's 'degrading' to him, like he's changed his ways. He emphasised on the 'degrading' part and i know what degrading means but I'm ...

A.   9 February 2009: The problem with us guys is that sometimes we fall head over heels in love with someone and end up competely changing our ways just to please them. Its frustrating for us to want to do EVERYTHING we can to please the person cos its something that is ... (read in full...)

If we're happy, is our relationship still wrong?

Q.   Dear agony aunt Im 18 and recently started a new job, theres a guy there who is is 55 and we have got really close. He is such a lovely man and i love him and he loves me, we have had sex but recently people at work have been saying things about us...

A.   28 January 2009: Been in a similar situation, I am 48 she is 24...... no-one sees a problem with the age difference. As long as you are both happy, that is the main thing. People will look and some will comment, but this is their problem because they have closed m... (read in full...)

Help me choose between two men!

Q.   Please help me chose between these 2 men, I feel like I love both of them. Please dont judge me, I really need some perspective on this. Man A Healthy Own House Car Car License Great Job Rather Anti-Social Independent Stubborn Funny W...

A.   28 January 2009: Oh god........... how can you choose, wellI can identify with you, my GF is going thru similar, me (mr perfect :P ) or him (complete w@nk3r :) ) Well, my perspective is she has to choose the guy she is happiest with, she has her 'shopping list' bu... (read in full...)

My wife seems to do well if I treat her like a 12 year old

Q.   I have been married for about a year now. As I get to know my wife better who turned 28 recently, here is the lowdown. She has low self-esteem, is needy, overly jealous, has some symptoms of dependent personality if internet sites are to be ...

A.   28 January 2009: A year long marriage is too short a time just to give up on it, there is obviously an underlying reason that she is acting the way you describe and it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.... I recommend that you talk with her about these ... (read in full...)

No armpit hair

Q.   im 14 and i don't have any armpit hair should i be concerned because all my friends have it even the ones younger than me have it. I do't even have a single hair....

A.   28 January 2009: We all develop at different speeds, so don't worry that you don't have hair just yet, it will come. And remember, this isn't sign of being a man or anything like that, its just a natural process that happens, so sit back, enjoy yourself and hey... (read in full...)

I don't know what to talk about

Q.   Im in high school and i have a girl in my class that i really like and I don't know if she likes me. I use to talk to her a lot because we sat right across from another, but now she's far away and i have trouble finding something to talk about. What ...

A.   28 January 2009: What did you used to talk about? Well talk about whatever it was.... Or how about u talk about how u used to talk a lot together but now you don't, it would also be a good way of finding out if she does like you wouldn't it? If she used... (read in full...)

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