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In love with my brother in law, while I love my husband as only a friend. What should I do?

Q.   Hi, I am in a serious dilema and I need all the help I can get. My brother in law loves me. I hate to say this but I am so in love with him. He tells me he loves me, he is the best uncle to my kids, he lives with my husband and I and my husband is ...

A.   10 October 2008: my dear i see your caught up between the two. you have to think about what might happen when you open up about your feelings for you brother in law, think about the reaction of your husband, your children and family. since you loved your brother ... (read in full...)

She's married and is a good friend of mine. But she leads me on-what should I do?

Q.   Hi, I want some advice on a Friend of Mine. We've been best of friends for 3 years in December, had a few ups and downs but have always reunited back with each other :) because we are very close. Anyway I'm 20 and she is 18, she recently got mar...

A.   10 October 2008: if u have ever had ups and downs ad reunited have hope that you will reunite again. are u scared of loosing your friend orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what ? are you also married? may be she is trying to make her marriage work out for her and looks at you... (read in full...)

How to tell my ex that I want to get back together? He said it was my attitude and my arguing...

Q.   i finally broke up with him...we thought i was pregnat, i'm the same day i found out..i wanted to have sex, he was scared...which i could see where he was coming from, but his whole attitude had been like i miss him ...

A.   10 October 2008: if you're changing thats so good because what he doesn't like about you is your attitude and arguing. i think if you can change that, tell him that youre changed and you can prove it to him. he might consider it if you can real prove that youre ... (read in full...)

I want some sort of commitment from her, is her moving in with me the answer?

Q.   Hi, I have been with my girlfriend for over 5 years now and we have had mostly a very good and happy relationship but there has been one thing that has been missing and that is us living together, I asked her after 2 years if she would move in wi...

A.   10 October 2008: 5 years of in a relationship................ moving in might not be the thing she expects you to talk about at that time i think thats why even when you moved closer to her parents house she couldn't spend a night. i think she love you but the... (read in full...)

Am I being pushed out of my best friend's life by the new boyfriend?

Q.   My best friend and I are drifting apart ever since he met his new boyfriend. His new boyfriend is wonderful and all, and has been a great influence upon my best friend and makes him really happy. Before my best friend's new boyfriend we'd hang out ...

A.   10 October 2008: oh so sad thats you feel your loosing your best friend. it might be that your friend inds the company of the new boyfriend complete with out yah. but please talk to your friend and find out why your left out. ... (read in full...)

I really love this girl, but I have had this gut feeling that she has or is cheating on me.

Q.   Please read this if you have the time I'm torturing myself over this, THanks I'm 16, she is 16. We have been going out for almost 7 months, and its been pretty tough. She suffered from depression and anxiety in the early stages of our relation...

A.   10 October 2008: oh sorry about that, it hurting to love someone who you don't trust and yet trust makes the relationship going. if you do not trust this girl ma dear even thogh you cling on to her you will rea nothing from the relationship. if yoy talk to her ... (read in full...)

I felt like time was passing me by...until now, my friend wants to be intimate but I don't know what to do.

Q.   I had never been in a relationship till now when i felt that time is passing me by. A dear friend of mine who is three years younger than me because he knows me very well suggested we became intimate. I really do not know anything about love and...

A.   18 May 2008: thank you bqargirl i followed my heart and now am in a very happy relationship with some one i truly love from the heart and he has the same feelings for me too. our relationship is only nine months but so far so good . thanks ... (read in full...)

I'm in love with my best friend. Does he feel the same way?

Q.   My best friend happens to be a guy and we have been friends for years. We know everything about each other and we talk on the phone between 1-2 times every day. A few months ago, he moved far away and we still talk as much as we used to. I'm ...

A.   13 March 2008: your both in love with each other and it so happens at a time when you both thoght it could never happen. this apply more to the guy who has failed to admit that he had emotional feeling for you. the baby talk is for people who realy have a thing ... (read in full...)

We haven't had sex yet because I'm self-conscious about my body!

Q.   Can someone give me some advice on how to get over my body issues? I have met the most amazing guy and I'm in love with him. He's my best friend and always tells me I'm beautiful and he likes me the way I am. We have not had sex yet, mostly because ...

A.   12 March 2008: my dear follow what your heart tells you. if you feel ur not ready then hold on stick to your word.... (read in full...)

I jokingly said he was gay and he lost his erection instantly. Any advice??

Q.   Last weekend when my boyfriend and I were having sex we were talking and joking, and out of the blue I asked him 'for how long have you been gay" and he lost the erection instantly. We usually have no problem in this area. Also that weekend ...

A.   12 March 2008: i think he did not like the refrence you made to him. he might have been gay and because he got you he gave up. making him rember the past might have hurt him so much and because he might have thoght he had left the past behind but suprisingly ... (read in full...)

Husband can't make his mind up! where do we go from here?

Q.   My husband and I split 4 months ago after 17 years of marriage. He had a lot of jealous insecurities none of which had any basis, and he left me after accusing me of wanting to attract men online, which was a complete fantasy just going on insi...

A.   22 January 2008: oh mum i think your husband loves you too much and does not want to put all your years of marriage to a waste but he is still scared of the problem tha separated you. give him some time i think the counselling will help. coming back to spend nights ... (read in full...)

Is it possible to be pregnant, after just fooling around?

Q.   I'm worried that i could be pregnant. At the weekend i stayed over my boyfriends and were messing around during the night and some sperm went onto my vaginal area. I asked a close friend weather you could get pregnant this way and she said no it ha...

A.   22 January 2008: u have a psychological belief that your pregnant. if your boy friend did not penatrate you then no worry about pregancy. and by the way did you have any discharge during your fun time????????... (read in full...)

Valentine's Day, Present Ideas, Help please!!

Q.   Hey Everyone, well as you know Valentines Day is coming up and i have NO idea what to get my boyfriend. We have been seeing each other for a while and he said hes gonna get me something wonderful... but its so hard for me to figure out what to get a ...

A.   22 January 2008: that's pretty tricky. think of what he fancies and talks about all the time but he does not have it. i think it can work .look out for that... (read in full...)

I feel anxious and depressed all the time... how do I stop this?

Q.   Hi, I am a virgin in my early twenties.I was suffering from depression for the last two years. The depresion was due to difference of opinion between me and my dad. Although I was not happy to go by his opinions but could not dishearten him a...

A.   7 December 2007: what is the current relation with ur dad now?it looks like he was the cause of your depression.i think if you build your relation again it can help you overcome the depression. opting for marriage when your still depresed my not work out because you ... (read in full...)

I told my best friend I loved her, things havent quite been the same since, are we drifting apart?

Q.   please tell me !! well i had been in love with my best friend and i told her that i love her and her responce was like i am shocked and i only believe in friendship you are my sweetest friend and love is a very complex thing so please let this ...

A.   7 December 2007: oh sory about that . what i see is that you love her but she only likes you ther is a diffrence with the two. she does not what a commitment with you but just spending time with you.... (read in full...)

How do I recover from my heartbreak and show him I don't need him??

Q.   Oh somebody please help.. About a month ago i broke up with my boyfriend of a year...(we dated for 2 years before that and broke up for a year before we dated again up until recently) He was my bestfriend, my everything. I told talked to him abou...

A.   2 December 2007: somes times it is hard to letgo the ones you love but if it is for the better trust what your heart is telling you. if it is telling you to hold back on to him listen to your heart.... (read in full...)

I'm 14 and look at too much porn and need help to stop!

Q.   I look up too much porn and I'm 14 I need help...

A.   2 December 2007: u better limit the time you spen on the net ... (read in full...)

Do you divorce someone you 'will always love'?

Q.   I'm a 28 year old single guy, who has been seeing a married woman for the better part of a year. She first admitted having a romantic interest in me, and made it clear at that time, that her marriage had failed, and was on the way out the door. ...

A.   2 December 2007: my dear friend i think your wasting yor precious time in this relationship. you are giving in to much that your going to losein theend.act that this woman is still staying with her husbnd in enogh to tell you that she loves him thogh he enjoys your ... (read in full...)

We are in a long distance relationship...and are thinking of moving together but are scared.

Q.   I met this guy over the internet like 6 years ago we have met 3 times (he have met my family and I have met his). We live like 4,000 miles apart. I love him and I know he loves me too but we are not too sure about it. This time I don't have this ...

A.   2 December 2007: ithink love is an advanture . all that time you have spent together can help you tell if you can move in together or not. you will never be sure till you try it out... (read in full...)

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