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Phone sex making fiance sleepy... am I just a sexual relationship?

Q.   Why is it that every time after we have phone sex my fiance gets very sleepy afterwards. I mean well have phone sex a couple times a day sometimes, then shortly afterwards, he's over there snoozing. Am I the only one that this happens to. When he ...

A.   20 November 2009: simple.. dont do it before going to sleep.... (read in full...)

How do you forget the person you are in love with?

Q.   Hi to all. Anybody who can give some effective tips on how to forget a person whom you love so much that you can't live without him. I am waiting for your tips. Thank you....

A.   20 November 2009: the simplest way is to fall in love with another girl.. beleieve me it works... u will feel funny and will take pitty on your own thought process once forget her.. regards.... (read in full...)

She reaches climax too soon!

Q.   hey this is my first time asking for help...anyway.... I'm 19 and I love my girlfriend so much,but I'm having problems with her in bed. What I mean is that she cums really really fast. 5 minutes fast. This is frustrating caus it takes me about 45 ...

A.   19 November 2009: wow wow wow, boy 45 min is too long i dont know how do u manage that? actually she sounds normal and seems theres some problem with u... no sex last for more than 10 min if u r really into intercource.... so 5 min is normal for her....analyse y... (read in full...)

I am in love with my best friend.... oh yeah....and btw...she's a married woman.

Q.   I am in love with my best friend and she is married. I feel so bad about it, but I can't ignore my feelings anymore. It seems like the more we hang out, the more I want to be with her. I have slept with a total of 43 girls (2 of which I was in a ...

A.   14 November 2009: as you said u already had sleft with 40 odd girls... wow thats a huge number man, see the problem is after knowing so many girls sexually u just need somebody who wants to be with you beyond some sexual reasons... the feeling which you are go... (read in full...)

If a man "bucks" during sex, what does it mean?

Q.   What does it mean when a guy bucks durning sex? Probbly a stupied question and one I should know but i'm just curious....

A.   11 November 2009: what do u mean by BUCKS??... (read in full...)

Should I tell my boyfriend about my ex raping me?

Q.   Should I tell my bf, that my ex bf raped me during my relationship with my ex? I dont know if I should tell him or not. I am afraid of how he will react. At the same time, I also believe that because we are partners we should tell each other ...

A.   11 November 2009: i would like to suggest you right from bottom of my heart that you dont tell about this rape part.... infact nobody knows this except you... and you both are doing good,very important that you tell each other everything...but on the other side y... (read in full...)

Can I become pregnant without intercourse?

Q.   This might seem like a silly uneducated question, but i was wondering if someone could clarify for me whether or not you can get pregnant if you didn't have sex, however, managed to get pre-ejaculate on your inner thighs or on the outside of your ...

A.   11 November 2009: please use birth control pills... and ask him to use condoms... yes at times its possible that sum sperm manage to get the gate of vagina and get a way through and you get conceived... its better both of you dont take chances....... (read in full...)

I hate that he has this power over me!

Q.   This was a friend of mine for a while, he knew I liked him and ran hot and cold. Playing me. I was quite drunk when I saw him last week, and he made a move on me. I was so happy. But then after making out until it was late I just wanted to go to ...

A.   11 November 2009: girl...try and understand...he wanted you only for sex... dont get sentimentally involved with him... its good that you were able to still control the situation at that point of time.... i appriciate that you came to know the truth at the right t... (read in full...)

Why is there always discomfort?

Q.   Why is it, that every time my partner uses his hand or mouth to stimulate my clitoris, it feels good for a few moments but then starts to not necessarily hurt, but sort of cause discomfort? It's enough to make me twitch, so to say. Sometimes if I ...

A.   11 November 2009: Orgasms happenes in cysles and lasts typically between 5 to 10 seconds in one go and again returns say after 3 or 4 minutes... the time may change womanwise but yaa the cycle do exists.. its important that u ask your BF to stop for a while and agai... (read in full...)

My husband is on a number of dating and sex sites, what are the chances that he has cheated or will do in the future?

Q.   Hi cupid, I have been married for 7 years and have always been honest and faithful to my husband. My husband is extremely possessive and controlling, he does not even let me wear any thing that I look sexy in when we go out. He gets angry if any m...

A.   10 November 2009: hey tamara, i can understand what exactly you are going through.... and me being an indian i understand what kind of social restrictions you have to obey if at all you want to speak this thing up to any body upfrontly.... now, i am the one you ... (read in full...)

First time for both of us...what can we expect?

Q.   Alright, here it goes. I am sixteen and have been absolute BEST friends with a boy for three years. We talk about everything; probably more so than a married couple. This past year we have both told each other that we love each other. But we de...

A.   10 November 2009: well...yaa first time it feels like that only.... i will come back on foreplay afterwords but first thing first... you sound to be deeply in love with this guy....yaa u said you respect each other and are friends since quite a long....... (read in full...)

My ex and I are still friends and have sex, he is not sure he wants to get back together, what should I do

Q.   my exs and i broke up..we are still friends and he tells me that he misses me alot and thinks about us and we still have sex. but hes not sure if he wants to get back with me. what should i do? ...

A.   10 November 2009: yes i agree to the first opinion that he is definitely using you only for sex.... and dear please understand and have some practical approach.. had he wanted to be with you,he would had been there with you quite early... dont keep follish hope... (read in full...)

I have been masturbating a long time, but I have a problem with orgasm, can anyone help me?

Q.   Ok, its kinda a sex question ive been masterbating since i was 12, and i have been sexually active since i was 14, nd im 15, i know weird, but i just want to know why i dont come when i masterbate, i mean i sumthimes do but most of the time, i dont, ...

A.   10 November 2009: Dear you are totally confused.. All the women dont't squirt.. The way all women dont have same physic ,same way every woman has a different way of reacting to the feeling including orgasm.... ok as far as reaching orgasm is concerned it not... (read in full...)

We had sex, but I don't want a relationship, should I call him?

Q.   Ive known this guy for over a year and we have hooked up in the past. Last week we ran into each other a few times, each time we were drunk. Last night we ran into each other at a party and ended up having sex. We had pretty kinky sex last night. ...

A.   9 November 2009: yes, pls speak to him... sex or relationship...its always better that u make your intentions very clear to each other before going for anything.. ... (read in full...)

Husband seems close to his female colleague. Should I speak up?

Q.   My husband is friends with a female coworker and lately it has been making me feel uneasy. My husband and his female coworker started working in the same building about 8 months ago. Prior to that they worked for the same company, but in cities t...

A.   9 November 2009: I guess both of them are good friends and seeing the number of years they have been together it comes naturally that they know everything about each other. you can do two things 1.Do frindship with her 2.And go to a seminar and get a feel of her.... (read in full...)

My self esteem is suffering because my girlfriend won't have sex with me!

Q.   Hi. I have a girlfreind, before she was my best friend for 4 years. She means the world to me, and i seriously mean, she has given me a reason to live. we were together for 9 months and broke up a week and back together for a month, so 10 months in ...

A.   7 November 2009: see dont treat sex as a mechanical thing... the point has to reach where you both feel the same... now if you feel it then its not necessary that she also feels the same... yes you guys are getting well...give some time to your relationship.. as ... (read in full...)

Is it a sin to love your first cousin?

Q.   it is sin to love my first cousin? dear cupid, i had a first cousin, love at first sight,,he courts me, jan.26,2009,when i told him that i love him so much.. and he love me also.. apr.26,2009,we decided to have sex. we love each othe...

A.   7 November 2009: as long he is a human being i mean anybody is ok to love.. the problem is our society carries some preconceived notions about the way things should run.... and you really have to think on whether you love each other or not.. if yes then speak to y... (read in full...)

Do you think he'll cheat when he travels?

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half. We are very much in love, but have encountered our fair share of problems with other females (singles sites, and an "online affair," but no physical cheating to my knowledge) in the past. He ...

A.   7 November 2009: i guess your relationship is yet to reach a level where the mutual trust plays important role... that means you are still to understad him..try and at times cross check whats he does when you are not there?... (read in full...)

Do you think I'll ever get a boyfriend?

Q.   Okay... So I'm 13 and I'm 5'1 and I don't think I'm ever gonna get a bf! I have blond hair, blue eyes, but I'm 150lbs... Would you go out with me?! Do you think I'll ever get a bf?...

A.   7 November 2009: gey gal... getting boyfrind has nothing to do with how physically you look.. just be true to what you are and you will find the one who loves you.....believe me... (read in full...)

What should I do while my bf sucks my breasts?

Q.   what should i do while my bf is sucking my breasts? And i want him to go down by my vagina but as his never been down there before not with me or any other girl im not sure what he'll think? We've been going out for 2years now :)...

A.   7 November 2009: very simple..u sucks his and he does the same with u... (read in full...)

Caught my daughter masturbating, what should I do?

Q.   I have 2 childern ages 13 and 10, both gilrs. One in Jr. high the other in grammar school. I left work early one day and got the shock of my life. I come in and hear "noises" in the family room. So when I walk down there I see my 13 year daughter in ...

A.   7 November 2009: hey...its normal and let her be on her own..believe me...this gen is too smarts and get into lot of things and learnings too early compared the last generation... dont worry and she will be fine...LET HER ON HER OWN... for god seck dont tell u saw h... (read in full...)

Will I always be alone?

Q.   I'm beginning to get quite down on myself. It's been a long time since I've had a relationship. I'm not giving up hope on finding that someone, it's just the advice I keep getting from friends seems so contradictory. For instance, everyo...

A.   6 November 2009: see dear, first and foremost its important to know that you are not the only one who is going through this feeling. Secondly stop getting troubled by this know instead start visualising the kind of person you want,start visualisi... (read in full...)

Will I always be alone?

Q.   I'm beginning to get quite down on myself. It's been a long time since I've had a relationship. I'm not giving up hope on finding that someone, it's just the advice I keep getting from friends seems so contradictory. For instance, everyo...

A.   6 November 2009: see dear, first and foremost its important to know that u r not the only one who is going through this feeling. Secondly stop getting troubled by this feeling...u know instead start visualising the kind of person u want,start visualising ... (read in full...)

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