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For all women

This question has 6 answers by readers of DearCupid.ORG.
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28 November 2010: Recently, I found this poem by Maya Angelou. I think it pretty well summarizes how women should feel about themselves. Here it is, in case it benefits anyone. PHENOMENAL WOMAN by Maya Angelou Pretty women wonder where my secret lies I'm n...

Just some fun!

This question has 11 answers by readers of DearCupid.ORG.
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26 December 2008: Something one of my aunts sent me: When I was born, the doctor went to the waiting room and told my father: "We did all we could, but he was born alive". My mom didn't know whether she should keep me or the placenta. Since I was born before ...

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Need a place to turn in a marriage where I feel like I have no choice

Q.   My stepdaughter has always been a source of problems, particularly when it comes to her relationship with her mother: whatever stepdaughter wants, stepdaughter gets. Over the near 17 years of my marriage I've been mostly able to afford these ext...

A.   13 March 2014: You sound to me like a man who wants to be not just the breadwinner but the provider for the whole family. That's fine. However, even that must have a limit. You should not be seen as the bank who will pay the way out of any problem. For e... (read in full...)

I just can't help thinking that maybe he was more satisfied with her in the bedroom and now I'm even starting to think he may be comparing us in his head!

Q.   A few nights ago my boyfriend and I were talking and just goofing around and joking etc, and we ended up talking about his past sex life with his ex. This is the ex where they lost their virginity's together and the only girl he's ever been intimate ...

A.   13 March 2014: Tisha above gave you wonderful advice. I have a feeling that she's looking at this from the point of view of a woman. I think you would get a lot from considering the point of view of a man. I'm not sure he said anything just because he wanted to ... (read in full...)

When I told him "no" he sent all our correspondence to my husband! Why would he do such a thing?

Q.   He Was All I Ever Wanted.. Okay this is really long story I really need advice not commended for my actions or thus confession. It started 3 years ago I began work and myself and a colleague started to develop feelings but never acted on them. W...

A.   13 March 2014: Because he's an asshole? Like Eyes said (hi, Eyes!), what does your husband say about this?... (read in full...)

I feel slightly embarrassed that he's sexually experienced and I'm not

Q.   Hello there! I've been with my lovely boyfriend for about 8 months now, and we've been friends for years. Recently we'd spoken about having sex... However I'm a virgin, whilst he isn't. We've been doing a lot of oral sex for a while now, so I'...

A.   13 March 2014: Don't be embarrassed. Lack of experience is relieved with lots of experience. Practice makes perfect. Et cetera.... (read in full...)

Why would he delete my number after all this?

Q.   Hey, so I've been dating this guy for a month we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend but he likes to say we are and act like it. Anyway we cut things off a while ago and decided to just be 'friends' his choice not mine (He's muslim and said we can't be...

A.   13 March 2014: Since he's a Muslim, before he began anything with you he knew something you didn't: that he might not end up with you after all, because of religion and all. In my books, this is dishonest. But let's say he was interested and deep inside of him ... (read in full...)

He wants me to sell my home and buy a bigger house but his drinking concerns me

Q.   Hello there - Am after some advice. I am 40 years old and am living with my partner and our 6 month old baby. To cut things short my partner has always struggled with alcohol but is a loving partner and a wonderful Dad and never drinks at ...

A.   12 March 2014: Don't sell your house on a promise. Period.... (read in full...)

The man I'm dating says he's not ready for a relationship

Q.   I've been dating this man for over a month and I must say, it has been great. We got on really well and there is chemistry. But the problem is, last year he got out of a long term relationship and told me he's not ready to date (despite him tel...

A.   12 March 2014: Give yourself time to find someone else. You want a relationship and he doesn't, so.. that wont' work. Peace.... (read in full...)

Said that she loves me but isn't in love with me -- could this change?

Q.   I feel in a strange place at the moment. My girlfriend left me and I honestly thought she was the one. She said she loves me but is not in love with me? DO you think this could change over time? I have agreed to give her time and space to think bu...

A.   12 March 2014: It won't change, and my advice is that you move on. When one is very sad about losing someone, one may think that is the end of the world. But it isn't. You're so young and you will find someone else pretty soon. Take advantage of the... (read in full...)

Should I 'go there' with this older friend?

Q.   Basically I need some advice as to whether or not I should ‘go there’ with a friend. So, I have known this guy since I was 20, I am now 24 and he is 40. We met through work and were good friends. After I left my job, we did not speak for a whil...

A.   12 March 2014: I think a 24 year old shouldn't be with a 40 year old. Sorry. Yes, there is a part of him that cares about being 16 years older than you are. But if you think age doesn't matter, then, before you do anything, find out where you would stand ... (read in full...)

Should I call the manager to see I have the job?

Q.   What should I do? Do I wait or just call? So I went for a nursery nurse interview and the manager said she liked me and ask me to come back for a day trial even though I couldn't really give good answers to 1 or 2 questions. Anyway I went for...

A.   11 March 2014: Your skin color probably has nothing to do with the fact that the people were unfriendly. I agree with Eyes: Call her and see if you got the job. You need to find a job, so, if they won't call you, or will postpone the decision, you still ne... (read in full...)

Should I tell my husband to evict him? And that I've been flirting with the younger cute male student we sub-let a room to?

Q.   Times have been hard lately for my husband and I so we got a room mate to help split the rent of our 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home.I'm 27 and my husband is 29 our new room mate is a 20 year old college student, pretty quit and geeky. I'm a stay at home ...

A.   15 January 2013: I am sure the 20-year old nerd will learn a hard lesson: don't mess with a married woman. No, make it better: don't mess with the married woman of your landlord. No, even better: don't mess with the married woman of your landlord because she ... (read in full...)

I can't stop masturbating even though as a Christian I know its wrong

Q.   I really need help, i am a 15 year old Christian girl and i have a serious masturbation problem, i try to stop because of beliefs in my religion but when the urge is present i just cant stop i find that i like to watch porn while i do it and i know ...

A.   15 January 2013: The Lord will forgive you.... (read in full...)

I always ignore the red flags because I think I can change them! How do I stop this?

Q.   I can't seem to stop picking "fixing upper" guys...they're always already broken somehow. My first boyfriend had family issues and subsequently could not have feelings in a relationship. My most recent boyfriend felt like he wasn't good enough for ...

A.   14 January 2013: I'm not sure there is a way to find "stable people". I do believe that you can avoid this problem simply by not trying to fix people. If you saw a bull coming straight at you, you'd do something about it, right? That's what you need to do here. ... (read in full...)

He's older, but his financial issues make it difficult. Is this a fair enough reason to finish this relationship with him?

Q.   I dated a man much older for almost two years. I was a student going to school full-time. He paid for many things and I pitched in when I could. I gave him my education checks that came in monthly to buy food, rent, etc. During the last few mon...

A.   13 January 2013: With this new information, it seems to me that money was not the problem. The real problem was the person you were involved with. This relationship should have never happened. From what I see, the man is your senior by more years than your own... (read in full...)

My husband going to massage parlors. Do I leave him?

Q.   I have been married to my Husband for five years. We both have two boys and all four of them live with us. About four years ago I found they my husband was on dating website we split up but decided to try and work things out. About two years ago I ...

A.   12 January 2013: Some women I know would say that you need to dump the man, but I think that's not such an easy thing to do. I agree with others, however, that he is always going to go to massage parlors. I think you should ot sleep with him. You don't know wha... (read in full...)

Can short guys have success with women? And if so how? I need advice on how to cope better with my height.

Q.   I am a 5'4" male and i am very insecure about my height. I know that women love tall guys and that most of them turn their noses at the thought of dating a guy as short as me. However, I also know that some guys my height and shorter do have suc...

A.   12 January 2013: I beg to differ with a poster: 5 feet 4 inches IS NOT average in Central or South America. It was average years ago, but the younger generations are eating better and getting taller. Even the women. The blunt advice, poster, is this: don't pa... (read in full...)

In love with a girl who has another boyfriend. What should I do?

Q.   I'm going through a very complicated relationship... I love her a lot.. I have been there with her for a quite long time about 8 months now.. She was my friend at first but I fell in love with her later on.. She had a bf and she loved him a lot.. bu...

A.   12 January 2013: Find someone else. If she truly wanted out of the relationship, then she would be out of the relationship.... (read in full...)

He's older, but his financial issues make it difficult. Is this a fair enough reason to finish this relationship with him?

Q.   I dated a man much older for almost two years. I was a student going to school full-time. He paid for many things and I pitched in when I could. I gave him my education checks that came in monthly to buy food, rent, etc. During the last few mon...

A.   12 January 2013: I bet this man is self-employed and, therefore, his income is bound to vary this way. Millions of people live like that - it's called not working for someone else. By the way, that is mankind's natural state; the idea that you get a paycheck ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend arranged for his 4 year old daughter to live with us without talking to me first

Q.   I am a 24 year old dating a wonderful 32 year old man. I've known from the beginning that he has a 4 year old daughter from an ex- girlfriend. We live in Colorado, and the daughter lives with her mother in Florida. My borfriend visits his daughter ...

A.   4 January 2013: The girl is nice and all but she is his responsibility. He needs to take care of her, period. People who make important decisions for you without consulting you are often abusive, not in the sense of physical or mental abuse, but in the sense of... (read in full...)

He's asked me to sign a Pre-nup! It made me Soooo Mad. Should I just sign the thing?

Q.   So my boyfriend of 3 years is in the US Army and on Skype one night he told me to go to my front door. He had someone go write on my front porch step "will you marry me?" And the ring box sitting there with a vase of flowers. When I went ba...

A.   4 January 2013: I think you should do as Aunty Bim Bim said. Check the agreement with a lawyer of your own and only sign what is fair for both of you. It is very sad to say this, but whenever you enter into a commitment you need to be sure what will happen i... (read in full...)

I want my relationship to work, but I also want my life to take off finally and I keep thinking that if I wait one more year maybe he will be ready to move with me.

Q.   I just pasted my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend and I have been feeling like I need a change of scenery. I brought this to his attention and he is not ready to go any where. I considered Illinois cause that is where my mom is and the rest of my ...

A.   14 December 2012: I'm afraid that he's telling you that he won't move to Illinois with you. Maybe there are reasons for that other than just not wanting to move. You hope that waiting for another year will change the situation. What if it doesn't? I think... (read in full...)

Can't get past his excessive body hair!! Help!

Q.   Ok, Im 21, im gay, and have been going out with this amazing guy now for a couple of months. The other day we 'went all the way' for the firs time- with each other. Thing is, he's got the most amazing smile and eyes, but he is REALLY hairy on his ...

A.   14 December 2012: He is the way he is. Take him or leave him.... (read in full...)

My older boyfriend said we need a break so I can take some time to think about myself and my feelings, what does he mean by this?

Q.   My boyfriend said this classical line "We need a break". I was shocked and all, but to tell the truth I was expecting it. Why? Well... you see... He's like 24 years older than me (he's 42, I'm 18), he's divorced, has 3 kids (two girls, 22 and ...

A.   14 December 2012: Talking from a male perspective, just move on, poster. It's by far the best thing you can do. This relationship was highly inappropriate and one sided. Move on, and don't get involved with men this older than you again. Just my thoughts.... (read in full...)

Do I pursue my sex life and lie to my friend?

Q.   I have a friend who has been there for me more than anyone else in the world and she is in love with me but i'm not in love with her even though i care deeply. I cannot imagine losing her. She says she will take just my friendship but s...

A.   14 December 2012: You say she's a friend but you act as if you owed her more than that. It's not nice to think that you break a friend's heart, but this is an inappropriate situation. You say you don't want her as a woman; then treat her as a friend and date oth... (read in full...)

Am I right or wrong for wanting for being upset over him winding me up over the fact that I've loaned him money?

Q.   just a minor issue really.. just want to know if im right or wrong... just leant my boyfriend £1000 towards a deposit on a new flat for him.. dont want to move in with him and have no probs with him paying me back at all.. just when I txt him to ...

A.   14 December 2012: Maybe this guy has a sense of humor like mine, only he got too far. If you're sure he's paying back, then just tell him he overstepped.... (read in full...)

I don't think I'll ever measure up to society's standards

Q.   I'm a university student in a major that I enjoy. I've also been in a relationship for two years with a handsome man I love. But I just don't feel good about myself. I don't feel like I'm smart enough to get into graduate school like my boyfrien...

A.   13 December 2012: We all have this kind of problems, and eventually we all forget about them. Be patient, don't focus on this, and just be happy. At some point in the future you'll see that you have really nothing to worry about.... (read in full...)

Why do men prefer light skinned girls?

Q.   Most people say I'm really pretty and I have no trouble getting the Guy I want. But I'm Spanish and Mexican American, though my skin color is brown but not dark brown. I always hear guys mention they prefer light skinned girls. Is there anything ...

A.   13 December 2012: Don't worry about this. You can't be everything to everyone. Just be who you are.... (read in full...)

I think this woman is using my guy friend..what should I do?

Q.   Hey there, I've been hanging out with this guy for about three years, he considers me as his best friend and we hung out often, be it just the two of us or in groups. He told me confidential stuff and said he could trusts me. I get the feeling he is ...

A.   13 December 2012: I sort of don't understand a man who is thinking about giving letters and a ring to a woman and yet he says he doesn't care about her. I think you should let them be.... (read in full...)

I want my mom to know that I'm sexually active

Q.   Hi I have a little bit of a dilemma... I am 16, nearly 17 and am sexually active (I live in the UK) I have been with my boyfriend with 10 months and we have only ever had sex with eachother and we only did it after about 7 months.We did it...

A.   13 December 2012: Yeah, why do you want her to know?... (read in full...)

What is your position on living together before marriage?

Q.   Hello dear Aunts :) and uncles :) What is your position on living together before marriage? Before engagement? What do you think the pros and cons are to each scenario? Some say that while living together, the man gains everything, while the ...

A.   10 December 2012: I don't think a hard and fast rule can be made, but, when two people decide to live together and that works, it is possible for one of the parties to stay unmarried. That does not make much difference for a man but often it does make a lot of ... (read in full...)

My feelings for her have re-emerged and anyone else seems bland by comparison!

Q.   So... basically, i'm in love with one of my friends. i've known her for quite some time now (about 5 years) and have loved her ever since. when i knew that i had feelings for her, i took my courage in both hands and confessed my feelings for her. ...

A.   10 December 2012: The simple advice you need is this: Move on.... (read in full...)

She won't break up with me but isn't talking to me. What should I do?

Q.   I've hurt my girlfriend really, really badly and she has given me the silent treatment ever since (2 months now). The first 3 weeks she was extremely angry and now she is depressed and avoiding me. I know she doesn't want to end this but she doesn't ...

A.   24 November 2012: If she won't talk to you, you can't guess what is going on and even trying is pointless. Let her be.... (read in full...)

Can I still get pregnant this way?

Q.   so my boyfriend and I were not using protection, and I was on the second to last day of my period (there was still some blood). His penis did not go all of the way in, and he didn't ejaculate. When he did ejaculate, it was on my stomache.I waited ...

A.   8 November 2012: You will get to know that soon, when you have your period again.... (read in full...)

Is she only giving me BJ's because she loves me?

Q.   Dear Aunts: My girlfriend and i have been together for 5 months. I love to have bj's from her and it turns me so much on when i finish in her mouth,i remain hard and makes me want to f*** her hard right away. We love each other very much, She s...

A.   8 November 2012: If you suspect she's doing it only because she loves you, try not asking for it for a while and see what happens.... (read in full...)

Boyfriend's mom criticizes my natural/healthy lifestyle. Should I stand my ground? If so, how do I do it respectfully and graciously?

Q.   Hello, Please excuse me in advance for the length of this message. I am in a 4 year relationship. I am 24 and my boyfriend is 29. We currently live separately, each with our parents. We plan to move in together as soon as I finish university t...

A.   8 November 2012: Personally, I think natural medicine sometimes works, and sometimes just doesn't. I also recognize that sometimes "modern" medicine is little less than poison. But I would be closer to the points of view of your boyfriend's mother. Part of the ... (read in full...)

STD query...

Q.   If you have an STD are you 100% guaranteed to pass it on during unprotected sex? ...

A.   8 November 2012: I think you need to get your disease treated before you have sex with anyone. Suppose that you didn't have it, and a girl were pondering whether to have sex with you because she "might" give you a disease. What would you think?... (read in full...)

Is it a bad idea to get involved with an alcoholic?

Q.   Is it possible or even advisable to have a relationship with a guy who has a serious drinking problem? I care for him deeply and he says he loves me.... but he is occasionally abusive and I have always stood up for myself but I just feel that I am ...

A.   15 September 2012: Is it a bad idea to get involved with an alcoholic? Yes.... (read in full...)

My true love moved away to find himself. What do I do now?

Q.   The guy I dated for over 2 years moved about 3,000 miles away a month ago because he wanted to go find out what a makes him tick. He told me when he made this decision to move is that he didn't want me to think he was trying to run away from me, ...

A.   14 September 2012: Move on.... (read in full...)

I care about her promiscuous past. I am determined to get over this, anyone have advice on how?

Q.   Basically, I've started dating my dream girl and she's perfect. The only thing is when I met her she was going thru a more promiscuous phase even though she never used to be like that and isn't like that now. I know for a fact I'm an idiot...

A.   14 September 2012: Either the girl is so good (or you want it so bad) that Guy just doesn't care what she did, or Guy never gets over it. Choose one. I can understand why someone would have trouble with a girl's past, but your choices are realistically limited ... (read in full...)

I put a lot of money into a gift for her and for my birthday she gets me... A text message?

Q.   I have been dating and in a serious relationship for a little over a year now. We have known each other for 4+ years prior and always kinda had a thing for each other. Three months ago, it was her birthday and I saved up and bought her a nice $425 ...

A.   14 September 2012: Comrade: You obviously like this girl more than you would a Communist Party. It may be too early in the relationship, as someone said, but what is clear is that you wanted to show that you damned cared and you did. She got the message. On the ... (read in full...)

He is having sex with a few different girls and I'm not sure what he wants. Or if I even want him. What do you think I should do?

Q.   I have been knowing this guy for 3 weeks we were texting before we actually went on a date and before that he told me that he doesn't want a gf. So we went on a date and everything went well obviously I'm different from other girls for him plus he ...

A.   14 September 2012: He's not serious with any of you. I wouldn't like such a situation, but I wonder if you do.... (read in full...)

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