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I'm 17 now and my boyfriend is 18. we've been dating just over a month. but became very close before he asked me out. we have become so connected to each other. we clicked immediately, and I love him very much. we are very attached emotionally physically mentally and escpecially sexually. It's great.

Worried about color, shape of "down there"

Q.   hi, im 17 and this is quite embarrasing but im worried about down there, it seems to be quite big and the lips hang quite low,and im ideal weight, so its not fat or anything but im really embarrassed by it and i have a boyfriend and wont let him go ...

A.   3 June 2009: I have the same problem. my labia hang down too and they're slightly darker than the rest of my area down there. I hated my downstairs for so long. I've had a bf go down there before and he didn't seem to mind one bit. but I was still so ... (read in full...)

Sex in the water

Q.   my boyfriend just moved into a place with his friend and they have a pool. well my boyfriend wants to heve sex in the pool. well it sounds fun and exciting, and would definately be a new experience for me...but I'm kinds nervous. I have been out of ...

A.   3 June 2009: thank you for the info...I've heard to wear a condom I was pretty sure that was true. and yes I'm gunna wait til I get birth control to try anything out. thank all three of y'all.... (read in full...)

How can I give my boyfriend really good head?

Q.   How can I give my boyfriend really good head? I've only done it once with another guy, and need ways to figure out how to make him feel good even though I can't deep throat. Thanks....

A.   31 May 2009: never use teeth. don't use anything cold..try not to have cold hands either. my bf was like DAMN cold! I start by kissing him gently suckin on his bottom lip.then kiss his neck. maybe nibble at his ear some too. make my way down his stomach kissing ... (read in full...)

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