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Was she reasonable to accuse me of emotional cheating?

Q.   Here we go on the merry-go-round once again. Our relationship started to go down hill. I had been married before, and I admit to cheating, so I vowed not to make that same mistake again. So when I met V, I took my time and listened, when she said...

A.   14 July 2014: Wow Honeypie most of the time you seem so insightful But on this one you seemed to have dropped the ball. Your very argument for emotional cheating belies its validity for one there is no standard rule as admitted by you, but a perceived perception ... (read in full...)

Is this the right course for me? Disabled wife, no sex for years. Now I have a platonic female friend

Q.   I am a married man with a disabled wife, and I suffer from extreme caretaker's depression because of it. Recently I ran into a divorced lady of about my age, who used to be friend of my wife's (they turned out to be very non-compatible a...

A.   2 July 2014: I totally agree that you should tell your wife about how you miss your sex life and find out what she can do to help the situation. OMG Its so hard to imagine how you feel and as for your wife it must be hell. If I had a debilitating illness or ... (read in full...)

Is this a sign he could be bi?

Q.   Dear Cupid i have had other questions about mu husbands sexuality before. But now i need to ask other people. He loves sex with me but it has gotton strange. I wants my to finger his ass. He likes to yell things like " #### my ass harder". We have ...

A.   2 July 2014: Your husband has put himself out there for you and he must trust you, because you could reject him by being judgmental and withdrawn by the fear that he could be bisexual. He likes what he likes. You didn't state how long you had been together but ... (read in full...)

My story: Oh dear, I just realised what a narcissistic and manipulative person my ex-boyfriend was... 

Q.   Holy crap - it just dawned on me how much of a 'what label should I give it? - manipulative, narcissistic, controlling' - boyfriend he was to me at the time! Now I was no angel but looking back over the course of our relationship - it starts at t...

A.   1 July 2014: Narcissism could be viewed as self esteem run amok but my sweet young everyone is a manipulator in some way or another from an overbearing ogre to the devious diva. Get to know you and grow. I'm just saying!... (read in full...)

My ex husband is trying to make me the bad guy in this

Q.   My ex husband is backing out of his responsibilities . When we decided to let our girls get a dog he agreed to take on 50 percent of the care. That pretty much means when he has the girls their dog goes with them. After five yrs he has decided he ...

A.   1 July 2014: What if he just changed his mind about having a dog around or maybe he never liked dogs in the first place, and did the best he could for as long as he could. Don't play the blame game work it out. ... (read in full...)

When ever I have sex with my husband I feel dirty!

Q.   I love my husband and I am attracted to him, but every time we have sex I feel dirty and cheap afterwards. We only have sex about once a month and it's lights out him on top. I still feel dirty and horrible afterwards. It's affecting our marriage, ...

A.   1 July 2014: you need help don't know if your spiritual or not notice I didn't say religious big difference. Forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness from anyone you feel you may have hurt, this will open you up to seek other help as needed. At this point it ... (read in full...)

I'm not ready for commitment and I think I might know why

Q.   Hi. Need advice. Basically I am in a 1.5 year relationship with my girlfriend. She is always pressuring me for marriage. I do not want that yet but definitely in the future. I am always in lust with a lot of other women. I think that might be th...

A.   1 July 2014: wow dude first thing is get some help for the rape incident might be a big reason your homophobic, because if you know who you are you need have no fear about who anyone else is. If you are not ready to get married be honest with her and talk about ... (read in full...)

My husband has a married female friend and I find their friendship too excessive. What should I do?

Q.   Husband had female friend - is she after him? My husband of five years has a female friend (she is married also) that he met at his new job. We recently moved to a new area and he says she is his only friend. They talk at least once a day, call...

A.   30 June 2014: I am a 60 year old gentleman whose current partner seems to be overly jealous having convinced me she wasn't jealously steams from anger fear and low self esteem. She is jealous of ex-wife and feels that I shouldn't talk to her, but we have children ... (read in full...)

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