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What do I wear for my first time at a swingers’ party?

Q.   Hi everyone So on my bucket list for the last 10 years has been to attend a private adult party. I have been recommended one and I have been checking it out quite thoroughly and it all seems legit and safe etc. My question is - as a single...

A.   18 April 2019: I used to get hired to perform aerial acts for a well known swingers club (just performed) never anything else as that is something I'm not into. From what I saw from the guests and their clothing, it ranged from nice going out bodycon dresses ... (read in full...)

Why does my wife go cold on me when we’re on holiday?

Q.   I've just got home from a 2-week cruise around the Caribbean with my parents, my wife and my two kids. It was the holiday of a lifetime and we all had an amazing time. The only downside was that my wife seemed to just ignore me the whole holiday. I ...

A.   18 April 2019: This might help a bit. From my own experience. I was with my ex partner for 15 year, we never travelled together in all that time because I travelled alot with work (professional dancer) Now, when it came to getting around to going away toget... (read in full...)

Will he take me back even though I have acted like a nutter?

Q.   I posted once before - see Since then it’s all been pretty messy.. I went a little psycho for a while, kept trying to contact him etc to which he completely ignor...

A.   16 April 2019: Jeez woman. How long are you planning to hold out for this loser? Are your standards so low that you are willing to put up with a man that behaves like a child? The energy you spend indulging him could me put elsewhere in your life. Like making ... (read in full...)

Adult son's fiance is too old for him

Q.   My wife and I have been aware of our son’s dating preferences since he left home for college. He prefers older women. We believed it was a phase and did our best not to get bent out of shape. We have met several of his older girlfriends over the ...

A.   15 April 2019: Stop interferring in his relationship. He is a grown ass man who is responsible for his choices. What you should do is be inclusive with this woman and support your son and his decision. When and if it falls apart, your son will know that you've ... (read in full...)

2 babies with another woman and he's married to me. I want a divorce!

Q.   I have been married for 4years and just before I got married my husband and I were on a short break. During that break, my husband (then fiance) slept with one of his friends. I did not find out until one month after we got married. And 4 months ...

A.   2 April 2019: Divorce him immediatley. That woman was asked to come by his house. She isn't telepathic for goodness sake. He has fathered 2 children outside your marriage and your still considering that the female is lying about who the father is. Does it ... (read in full...)

Am I being sent signs that I should stay single?

Q.   I met a man on a drunken, fun night the other night. We clicked and had a lot in common. he was quite sweet. he took me for dinner and gave me sweet cuddles. I had asked God if maybe God would want me to have a boyfriend or a husband a couple of ...

A.   29 March 2019: This has to be a troll. If it isn't then it sounds to me that you like to think you're a servant of God but really don't behave as one. You don't seem to have much self esteem when it comes to choosing men and seem to be a bit of a push ov... (read in full...)

We don't have the same sense of humor and it causes problems

Q.   I dont know what's going on with my relationship. I've been with him for 2 years but things seem so rocky at the moment. We are arguing quite a bit and he's drinking a lot. But the thing is the arguments are over such trivial things. We had plans f...

A.   29 March 2019: I think you dodged a bullet with this guy. To call you screaming and name calling. That's verbal abuse. I also think he has a deep resentment of your success. If you stay with him he will just eat away at your self esteem and confidence. Move ... (read in full...)

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