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*iara rain

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Should I take a sabbatical from all men?

Q.   I have been with my current boyfriend for almost two years, he has a lot of problems and growing up to do as far as his own life is concerned and I got tired of waiting around and so I told him I was going to start seeing someone else. After ha...

A.   13 April 2009: well hun, i know you probably might think iam only 18 what do i know but here it goes, theres a good reason hes your ex, how many times to girls go back to there ex boyfriends thinking, this time it might be different, and it is for about 5 mins ... (read in full...)

Is he making me depressed?

Q.   i met this guy online and we have been best friends for about a year now and we talk everyday and i really mean everyday and im super happy when i talk to him and im my normal self but when we arent talking my friends and family think im depressed ...

A.   13 April 2009: well you met him online! if by talking to him it had improved your life, i would say fair enough, but the fact that its making you depressed when your not talking to him is not good, if you have never met in person maybe your leaving on a fantasy, ... (read in full...)

I'm afraid I can't find a girlfriend. I am tired of being alone!

Q.   please help i cant get a girlfriend despite making lots of effort being a male model. Im a 27yr old virgin and its seriously getting me down with loanliness, i dont know how long i can take this frustration. I know women like me to look at but im so ...

A.   13 April 2009: I know how you feel,iam a bit younger than you, i am a good-looking, attractive girl but sometimes I just don't have the confidence, but when someone really gets to know me there's no problem, basically if i was you i would try sort myself out ... (read in full...)

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