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Why do romantic novels make it seem like all women achieve vaginal orgasms?

Q.   We all know that a tiny fraction of women achieve a "vaginal" orgasm. Then why do 90% of romantic novels talk of this kind of orgasm as if its only natural for a woman to achieve it? And they always talk of "reaching the heights together" bulls**t. ...

A.   16 October 2012: It's fiction...what do you expect? If you want non-fiction, than read non-fiction. Or read fiction that is written by a better author.... (read in full...)

After one month of college I still don't have a boyfriend

Q.   hi, I am a 22 year girl...doing post graduation.In my past life I get 3 relationships, but all broke. now in my new college I wanted to start new.....I want someone in my college to be my boyfreind. but here no body takes intrest in me, though I ...

A.   24 September 2012: You do realize that there is nothing wrong with being single??? There are pros and cons of having a boyfriend and there are pros and cons of being singe. So I would recommend enjoying the single life until you find a boyfriend. ... (read in full...)

How do I convince my brother to give up on being a lawyer?

Q.   My brother wants to be a lawyer I doubt that he can become a lawyer because he did so poorly in highschool. No one in the family has ever become a lawyer or doctor so why does he even try He signed up for community college. He study's all da...

A.   28 August 2012: Funny, in high school, my brother did really well while I did really bad. In college, I did really well and my brother did really bad. And no matter if he fails or not, you should NOT even try to convince him to give up. He will either succeed ... (read in full...)

I like this girl, but her brother is a good friend

Q.   I am 25 years old and I like this girl that is also 25 years old. I would like to ask her out but there is one problem. Her brother, who is 21 years, is one of my best friends. We played football in high school (I was a senior and he was a fre...

A.   21 December 2011: I wanted to give everybody an update. After reading the responses and thinking it over, I decided NOT to ask her out. I decided our friendship is too important to risk it by dating his sister.... (read in full...)

Should I tell my cousin I love her?

Q.   I am 32 years old, and i belive i am in love with my cousin, she is 28 years old (she is my frist cousin) for the last year all i do is think about her. what should i do tell her or not....

A.   14 December 2010: You may want to check out the web-site which is a web-site for those romantically involved with their cousin.... (read in full...)

My boyfriend does not celebrate X-Mas and I'm hurt by his apparent disregard to my my feelings

Q.   Me and my boyfriend are on the verge of breaking up over this.. He doesn't celebrate xmas, he's not from the UK, but he knows how important it is for my family to be around each other at that time, and this year has been one hell of a difficul...

A.   20 November 2010: Another option is that there is another reason that he does not want to go and him saying he "doesnt feel relaxed" is a nice way of telling you he does not want to go since the real reason may hurt your feelings even worse. ... (read in full...)

Raised my stepdaughter as my real child up until I caught her having sex

Q.   I am 44 and have been happily married for 10 years. I have no children of my own, but my wife has a daughter from a previous marriage. I love her to death and raised her as my own since she was 6 years old. She is now 16, turning 17 in 2 months ...

A.   13 October 2010: It sounds like, and hopefully I am right, you do not want there to be anything going on between you and your daughter. That is good.... (read in full...)

Husband after marriage asked about my past and then served me with divorce papers!

Q.   My husband and I are married for 10 months. Right after we got married he strictly asked me if there was anything about my past I wanted to share. So I believe in you marry your best friend and I told him somethings that I had done that I'm not so ...

A.   5 October 2010: I do not know what you did in your past that you are not so proud about so he might have a reason to be upset for a little while (a week at the longest). But he should have gotten over it and not be a small child about it. I think he was lazy and... (read in full...)

My wife wants me to give up drinking, but I don't really want to.

Q.   i have been married for about 2years with a 4 months son. it has developed that of late my wife dosen't want me to drink and also to hangout with my friends and as we met i used to drink something have tried to quit but all in vein. the other da...

A.   10 April 2010: You may want to check this web-site out. It helped me to learn how to control my drinking and my life and my family is better. I did not quit drinking, but I never get drunk any more.... (read in full...)

My parents have rules but my boyfriend thinks I am treated unfairly

Q.   So I have a curfew. Tonight was my boyfriends birthday, so I went out. I told my parents I would be home by one, not knowing if that would happen or not. My boyfriend knows my parents are strict too, and that I had to be home. So, Im at the party ...

A.   7 March 2010: Unless you pay rent too your parents, the rule of thumb is "their house, their rules".... (read in full...)

Is it wrong to love your cousin? If so, why?

Q.   Hi I am in love with my cousin. I have feeling for her and think she does to, and I have not told her that I loved her, and i am going to wate to ask har to have sex or do any thing lick to marriy her tell we get older. I realy whant to tell he...

A.   5 November 2009: You may want to check out the web-site I think it is very normal. I had a relationship with my 2nd cousin (everything from kissing to sex).... (read in full...)

Five year old girl masturbating, is this normal?

Q.   Is it okay or normal for a 5 year old girl to masturbate, I see her in her bed humping at night and wanted to know how to handle? Thank you....

A.   1 May 2009: I think it is normal. Too your daughter, it is not a sex thing yet (that will be in about 5 to 10 years), it is a "feel good thing". It is the same thing as eating a cookie for her. As long as she masturbating in private of her own room, I do not ... (read in full...)

Is 5 years too much?

Q.   Hey everyone, I've just started dating this guy that I feel like I've known my whole life I think I'm really falling for him! The problem is he's 18 and I'm only 13. Is it wrong?...

A.   4 November 2008: Not in every situation, but in yours, yes it is. If I was the 18 year old guy, I would not risk dating a 13 years old girl. Not becuase 13 years old are not pretty, smart and mature. But becuase 18 years old should be more mature and there is... (read in full...)

My family died and now my foster parents want to adopt me, but I don't want to lose my parents name or memory.

Q.   This isn't a relationship problem or nothing like that, but it's just that i really need some help with this. About 4 years ago both of my parents, twin brother and younger sister died in a car accident. Me and 5 year older sister survived. With no ...

A.   4 November 2008: I recommend that you talk to your adopted parents about this. If you are too nervous to talk to them, write them a letter that is right to the point but is still respectful towards them. Your adopted parents should understand why you do not want... (read in full...)

My boyfriend just got his fiend to rape me, what should I do? I cant leave him.

Q.   My boyfriend just got his fiend to rape me, what should I do? I cant leave him....

A.   26 September 2008: You can't leave him? You can't stay with him. Break up with the loser (aka boyfriend), file a rape report with the police, and find a new place to live.... (read in full...)

My parents are being extremely over protective!! Help!

Q.   hiya im 19 years old and the youngest in my family. my parents are extremely overprotective and they don't let me go out too much. i'm at a point where i dont keep in touch with too many people for fear they might ask me to come out and my parents ...

A.   26 September 2008: If you can afford it, you may want to consider moving out of your parents house.... (read in full...)

Poll question. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Q.   Hey would like to know how old were you when you lost your virginity and also did you tell your parents about it or not till later? How were you sure it was the right person?...

A.   20 September 2008: 13 years old to my 2nd cousin. We had sex about 10 more times after that but we do not have sex anymore. At times I regret having sex with her and other times, I enjoy thinking about how close we were that we could experiment with each other (k... (read in full...)

Where can I learn more about the age laws on sex?

Q.   Can somebody please clear up the age laws on sex, concerning minors, adults, just like age things and what not. Or at least give me a site to read about it??...

A.   12 September 2008: In the United States, age of consent is state laws, not federal laws, so it changes from state to state. Check out: ... (read in full...)

I think my brother is gay, how can I know if he is?

Q.   i think my brother is gay how can i know if he is not ...

A.   11 September 2008: Why do you think he is gay? He may not be gay, crossdresser or anything else like that. He may just be a effeminate male. An effeminate male can be a straight male, just like a tomboy does not mean a girl is a lesbian. ... (read in full...)

I think my 15 year old son was looking at my porn collection, how do I approach him?

Q.   i believe my 15 yr old son has been looking at my few porn dvd collections which i kept well away from view in my room. i saw they ave been disturbed and one found under d bed where it should not be(maybe left in a hurry)I ave now gotten rid of a...

A.   8 September 2008: Don't get too upset. Sons been looking at their father's porn ever since forever. I am pretty sure that it been that way ever since cavemen were drawing porn on their caves wall.... (read in full...)

15 years old and still wetting the bed!

Q.   Help me please. Im 15 and wet the bed. I usually dream about urinating then find myself doing it. I do it when i need the toilet and i usually go to the toilet in my dream and it seems weird in the dream and realistic. Because I really did it. Help ...

A.   25 August 2008: Might want to talk to your parents and go see a doctor. Might be something medically.... (read in full...)

Did he take advantage of me?!

Q.   I was making out with my boyfriend tonight and he decided to take things further by putting his hands up my top while he lay on top of me kissing. I kept pulling his hand out of my top but he just kept going back to sneaking up my top! I kept ...

A.   25 August 2008: Yes, he was taking advantage of you. You should think about breaking up with him.... (read in full...)

I am attracted to my aunt and I want to have sex with her! What do you think?

Q.   My aunt is 42 and she's hot and very beautiful. We have a good relationship. We have never been totally alone, but we talk all the time when we see each other. I have noticed 2 times when she looks at me, she looks at me with a sexy-look, and w...

A.   24 August 2008: Depending on what state you live in, it might be illegal.... (read in full...)

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