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well i live in england and i luvvvv givin people advice

and when i grow up i wnna be a social worker!!

How do I tell my friend that she smells of BO?

Q.   Hey my friend smells of BO.I don't want to hurt her feelings but I reaaly want to tell her, because she's my friend and I care for her a lot. I don't want things to change between us if I tell her this. I don't want it to be awkward. Could you...

A.   16 January 2007: hiya buy your mate some really nice body spray or somthing like that and hopefully she will wear it!!... (read in full...)

My husband and stepson have physically abused me. I want to leave, but fear hurting the children we have together. And where would I stand financially?

Q.   I have been married for 17rs and have suffered some physical abuse from my husband and from my stepson, whom my husband stuck up for. We no longer have any common interests and i need the courage to leave but am frightened to lose everything. We ...

A.   11 January 2007: look hun he's sticking up for his son when he's ABUSING YOU! I think you should 1- go to the police 2- get you and your kids out of the house 3- press charges because what he's done to you is just plain wrong and you don't want him starting on... (read in full...)

He hates my kids so will our relationship work?

Q.   my parner keeps threatening to leave when we argue about my kids. we also have a baby, i only have one son living with us. my partner says he is honest with me and is trying to make our life better and because my 3 sons have all been in trouble with ...

A.   10 January 2007: well..... Try and see it from his point of view and tell him that your sons always come first with you and that he needs to change or its over, and try not 2 keep letting you kids walk all over you as that may be the problem??... (read in full...)

He's popular and I'm a geek. I really like him, so what do I do??

Q.   I am in love with a boy but hes so popular and I'm unpopular...I was lucky enough to have been put in his class and have gotten to know him over the past three years. I know he likes me too, I can just tell, but he is the most popular boy in our ...

A.   10 January 2007: heya...... if you rellie like him then go for it because at the end of the day you've got nothing to lose!!!!!! try and get him by himself for a bit then tell him how you feel and if he feels the same way then he wont mind about you being unpopo... (read in full...)

Are my problems with sex and intimacy a result of my abuse?

Q.   My world changed when I was 12. I was sexually abused by my mum's boyfrend. Nobody knows and they're still together now. Only thing is I find it really hard to open up to people. I often sit in my room by myself. There's so many thngs in my head ...

A.   10 January 2007: heyaa hunnniix well the first thing you need to do is tell your mum, police, or older brother/sister about your mums bf , because you dont want him to do it to any other children. Your family will complety understand hunnixx! And it may help your... (read in full...)

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