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More roommate problems in sobriety

My girlfriend and my friend/roommate are way too close for comfort! Should I be concerned and who should I be upset with?

Should I stay and see how we can manage this for the sake of love or should I walk away?

I feel my husband is using me financially

Is my roommate pleasuring himself with my clothes?

I’m having trouble forgiving and forgetting! How do I get past this?

I'm being used by a totally useless boyfriend and I feel trapped

Should I pursue a different career?

I’m excited at the concept of an open relationship but I’m not really happy with the current situation.

Is it cheating if my boyfriend stood and talked to a naked woman for 5 minutes?

He says he's not ready to go public with our relationship

Does this indicate that there is more than a friendship or just nothing to worry about?

How do I deal with a clingy roommate?

He treats me better than my exes but I keep finding he tells lies!

Everyone tells us moving in together after 2 months of dating is too soon!

I asked for help and he lied about why he couldn't.

He seems a bit too chummy with his real estate agent

Am I being used? I believe deep down that he is a good person but I am worried that I'm just there to teach him how to be in a relationship!

I don't want to throw 5 years down the pan but I don't know what else to do. Can you offer any advice?

Should I tell him I’m gay before moving in or not say anything?

Is it a good sign if a one night stand contacts you afterwards?

I have to work nonstop to pay off my debts and I feel very restless and hopeless sometimes. How do I keep this up for another 8 months?

Do the Aunts think this seems okay at face value?

How can I stop feeling ashamed about my living situation?

How do I approach my very religious and conservative parents about my clothes?

He seemed so into me, said he had no wrong intentions... Then why did he ghost me after that evening of no sex?

Ending Long-term Relationship

How do I convince my parents that I'm an adult? They have my entire college schedule mapped out and a GPS on my phone!

Family troubles have me at my wits end

Should I end it with my bed buddy or fight for him?

My roommate and her boyfriend constantly hog my couch, but other than that, they're not much of a bother. Am I right in feeling irritated?

I love her, but can't say it out loud!

My girlfriend is exhausting me!

How much does having a girlfriend actually cost?

I feel like I was second servings!

How do you treat a friend who doesn't act like one?

Should I suggest to my ex she seek professional help?

I want to marry this woman and find it hard to let her go! Please help!

I'm in a relationship yet I find myself attracted to a friend. What to do?

I Look Like His Ex And It's Bugging Me...

His ex girlfriends stuff is still a his place!

Should I take the risk for Mr Perfect?

Do you think my ex-roommate will want to date me again if I put zero pressure on him?

Should I break up with my husband so I might be able to be with his friend?

I even left my daughter at home for 4 days for the sake of my affair and now he's disappeared. I feel so lonely!

Ruining my life with rumours. How doI fight it?

I'm very attracted to one of my future sister in law's alternate personalities

I fell in love with a part-time escort and not sure what to do now

Should I move back home? I'm feeling pathetic with no close friends, boyfriend and stalled career

I want to help my boyfriend but I know I'll leave him eventually because my relationship is dead but I'm terribly attracted to his brother

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