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Boyfriend lied about moving overseas to keep sleeping with me

I can't get my ex to leave me alone

Was I wrong not to thank the ex who agreed we would go “no contact” for the flowers?

Why does my ex married lover want to fix things?

My boyfriend doesn't tell anyone about me but wants me to move in with him ... what should I do ?

I love another boy but don’t know how to break up with my boyfriend!

We bathed together in a spa while on a trip. Does she like me? I feel closer to her now

I feel worse after breaking up with my married lover

He seemed so into me, said he had no wrong intentions... Then why did he ghost me after that evening of no sex?

Why am I still tempted by my ex that didn't treat me well when I have a great guy in my life?

Boyfriend doesn't treat me like an equal partner and expects me to slog at home

I love him and want to be his but I don't want to get hurt

I want her back but she doesn't want a relationship. How can she just walk away?

I need a plan to win her back

I'm trying to get it all together to be an adult and be ready for the world but my mom thwarts my every move!

He's broken up with me after enlisting in the Army!

Why would a man get distant when time together is limited?

I don't know where I stand and I'm not sure if I should ask?

Am I wrong to draw a line under this?

My fiance is in debt, was married previously and isn't making any real efforts to be with me

I've been engaged forever but not married. Why?

My ex military boyfriend got right in my face and yelled at me. Is it normal for military men to act this way toward civilians?

My family doesn't approve of my boyfriend

My army guy only contacts me when he's down

I thought the online military guy from the UK liked me so how did he suddenly lose interest?

How do I tell my strict, military, religious father that I'm pregnant?

What does he mean by this message?

Was sending that message to my BF the best option? Or did I just stoke the fire more?

Did I overreact? I felt discredited in front of my colleagues

Torn between two and don't know what to do

How do I help my girlfriend? She seems to be very depressed but won't seek help

Should I explain to my ex? Or just let him think what he wants?

How can I get away from him this time, without getting attached to him again?

I need advice on our relationship. It seems like what I do isnt good enough. What should I do?

Six years and no proposal; we've lived together for two. Is he stringing me along?

I've agreed to be friends, but he is pulling away from me.

Considering my reasons for going in, my boyfriends comment, my age and his age and our desire to have kids, is it too late to join the military?

Our LDR started out with good communication and I just want that back. Am I being unreasonable?

My ex has contacted me. What might his motives be? How should I take this?

What's happening to me? Am I feeling all this emotion as a result of supressing my feelings?

He says titles are irrelevant. Red flag?

When should I ask her out?

Should I tell her I slept with our friend?

I have never dated. How can I negotiate all these rules with my parents?

What support and advice can I give to my friend who has been trying to break up with her married lover? He does not want to let her go.

What did my partner mean, by saying he misses me making an effort?

How can I secure myself financially?

I worry that telling him how I feel may scare him off!

I don't want to lose myself in relationships anymore. Any advice on moving on?

Should I drop a hint at her?

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