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How often do exes get back together for their child?

How do I deal with his mind games?

Does she deserve to know what happened during the break up?

We broke up and now I regret it

Why do we hold onto people that are not good for us?

The other woman or mind games?

I've met a nice guy but my cheating daddy wants me back

I know I deserve better, so why am I so sad?

Was I expecting too much of my boyfriend regarding his ex?

We are on a break but working on our relationship ... he doesn't understand how his actions affected me.

Long distance relationship started out so good but now so bad. Do I end things?

Why am I contemplating taking a job that makes my abusive ex my supervisor?

Single for 3 years! Is dating hopeless for me?

I lied about my age. Can I salvage this relationship?

I feel very betrayed and hurt.

There's a weird movie-like scenario playing in my head where I imagine my boyfriend and his ex pining for each other and wanting to get back together!

I'm waiting for a girl to come and sweep me off my feet.

Should I lie and say the baby is his?

My boyfriend says he wants to get back together eventually

My ex has said he would never marry me, but I want him back!

Boyfriend wants to break up because he has exams and can't devote as much time to me

My love life is just a big mess.

Should I wait to date until I’m completely over my ex? Or is it impossible to be completely over an ex so I might as well date?

Help me find a way to choose

He wants to get married and start a family, I want to break up for good but he's like an addiction that I can't shake off

We're both 26, been together 3 years and done nothing sexually beyond kissing! It's just driving me up the wall!

How do I tell my mum that we're back together?

I love him and want to be his but I don't want to get hurt

I'm scared to break up with my boyfriend because of the repercussions it could have on both of us

I've been hooking up with my ex and now he wants proper sex but I'm hesitant because I want my first time to be with a boyfriend

Do I fight to keep her or let her go?

Why am I still dreaming about my ex even though I'm in a loving relationship

My ex cheated on me, it took me 2 years to get over him and now he wants to try again

I'm heartbroken but he said he wouldn't get back together with me because I was acting crazy!

Heartbroken even though I dumped him and now I want him to chase me and get me back

My girlfriend broke up with me but now wants back

Boyfriend dumped me but when I date someone new he wants me back again

I've just completed cancer treatment and now my toxic ex wants to come back

Each time I nearly had sex I pulled back .... now we have split up!

How do I fix things and apologize in order to reconcile?

He lied about getting back with his ex wife several years ago.

Does she want to get back with me? Why does she say "I understand"

My ex boyfriend's girlfriend texted me telling to delete old posts from when we were dating

I have feelings for two guys, and they're best friends?

Should I let the children meet?

He cheated, we broke up. He's never apologized and its weird being in the same group of friends

Is getting back with him a vain hope?

Should we get back together?

I am troubled and feel so down.

He's a nice guy but it's just not working out

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