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Check out these questions about "celibate"

Why are men so cruel? Is that the way of the world?

To have sex or not ever have sex?

Will a guy wait for sex?

How do I get all the wicked and bad things to get out and stay out of my life?

It was just a one night stand for him but it meant more than that to me and I'm depressed

Does he have too much baggage?

I can't get over him (he seems interested too). But he's in a long distance relationship!

How long is too long to be single and celibate and with nobody to love?

Why did he have to come into my life and hurt me like this?

Am I a bad person, for now just wanting to have casual sex since a breakup?

Can our love survive this religious zeal?

Would a dating coach help? Or shall I just stay celibate?

Porn. He called them 'pop-ups'. Feels like it's hard to trust him since I think I caught him lying. Or am I over-reacting?

Why is he so commitment phobic? Is he frightened of commitment?

We remain celibate and want to wait. Why is my Bf asking me to be more 'dominant' in our relationship ?

Is it too risky to spend time with this very sexually experienced guy considering that I want to remain celibate until I marry?

If he doesn't want me why shouldn't I get it else where?

Sleeping with the ex but I'm demanding more respect

What can I do to make up for 13 years of not having sex with my ex how spicy can it get?

How do I attract faithful and available men interested in dating? Not interested in married men

Should I tell my wife that I'm considering a visit to see a prostitute?

Am I too pessimistic about relationships?

My boyfriend never initiates sex!

Should I continue seeing this guy?

What can I do so girls don't think I'm trying to steal their man?

Why doesn't my ex believe me when I say I've been celibate for the past 11 years?

Is he just looking for hookups?

Now guys at work see me in a different light. How could my own brother embarass me at work about things I told him in private about my private life?

My first partner didn't enjoy the sex -- how can I compete with experienced guys?

I was abused in the past. Do I have the right to become celibate in my relationship?

Marriage hurts and I don't know how to be a good wife. Do I stop trying to find the right man?

Any advice on how to stay faithful to a sick partner who no longer desires intimacy?

How did this guy turn into such a cold, uncaring, cynical person? And what do I do? Avoid him all together? Or keep polite, abrupt messages?

My friend changed so much and he blames it on me!

Serious self-confidence issues because of my small boobs

How do YOU handle an OCD boyfriend?

I told him to get his hands off me! What is he trying to do? He's the Bf of a family member

Should I tell him I used to work as an escourt? How do I get over my intimacy issues?

Have I missed the boat on dating and getting married?

Is it ever OK to cheat on your spouse?

I don't know if I should be in a relationship with him, or just be his friend?

I'm addicted to porn and masturbation.

I want intimacy in a relationship and don't know where to start

Three years together. We are happy to remain celibate. But How do I deal with my apprehension about sex in the future?

My wife has decided all sense of affection between us is over as well as our sex life

Have any of you felt hopeless or clueless with relationships and eventually found love sort of thing?

I don't want sex with my boyfriend and I don't mind if he finds it elsewhere. Normal?

Is my proposed celibacy solution workable? And any tips on helping me get over this intense amount of regret/shame?

I've falled for a streetwalker and she's moved in with me but I don't know what to do now!

My boyfriend has erectile dysfunction

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