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After 28 years of marriage I just feel sad.

Do you think karma will ever catch up on my husband's ex wife for the way that she's treating her children?

I moved to be with my son and his family. They want me to leave, I'm miserable and don't have the money to leave

Was this a missed financial opportunity and should I have consulted with my boyfriend?

Is it time to downsize due to illness?

Am I crazy? Is something amiss in the way he behaves with his daughter? What should I do?

Is it weird that my husband is a house husband?

My ex has filed for bankruptcy and the house I was awarded in the divorce is being included! What can I do?

What can I say or do? My mother in law is driving me crazy and bankrupting us at the same time

Should I stay in a job that makes me ill, or resign?

Do I jump ship? Or stay with this company that's sinking fast?

Fiance had a drink with a business partner despite promising me that he wouldn't touch alcohol till October. Is he a liar? Does he no longer truly love me? Does he not respect me or our relationship?

Is there a way for the kids to be in our lives despite his ex?

Have I been over-thinking the issues surrounding bringing a dog into our new home?

My daughter's boyfriend has turned her against her family!

My wife disgusts me!

Am I right to wait for this girl after she broke up with me?

I promised my Mom I would get her a new house someday but now I don't want to!

We've been together so long at this point I don't want to give up, but I am worried the love won't come back.

I've been advised to get a mortgage on my own, and I feel guilty for in essence changing my mind about putting him on the mortgage!

Should my parents file for bankruptcy?

A Broken Engagement is Better Than A Happy Divorce

Single parent and scared. Based on his track record and his baggage: Should I be scared?

I don't know whether to follow my head or my heart.

Weekend's with my boyfriend's children leave me feeling like a slave

I feel suffocated in this relationship! I don't know what to do

I'm pretty sure he cheated on me but he wont admit it, what do I do now?

My partner is too close to his sister and confides in her about our relationship. What can I do?

Is this what married life is like?

Is he playing the sympathy card with me so he doesn't have to pay up?

I left my husband and now my boyfriend is not interested in me anymore.

When do I tell my new boyfriend I am a bankrupt?

I agree I'm not mother of the year but what do I do now in this extremely messed up situation?

I think my son has been brainwashed against me!

2 years since my divorce and haven't found a guy; feeling very low. Help!

My fiancé's ex wife still has some kind of power over him, she pisses me off with her ways and I hate the way she takes advantage of him

I have been having a relationship (no sex) with a married man, because I was in need of money. I want to end this now, but how do I do it?

Did he cheat or is it all in my head?

Do you think he could have cheated on me?

They tolerate each other. And I should be able to choose between the two. But who can I choose and live with my decision?

Why am I tolerating boyfriend's gambling?

My brother is obsessed with his ex wife and I can't deal with helping him anymore! Do I write him off?

How do I get these collectors to stop trying to locate my Bf's ex through me at the address where I now live?

I think I only stay with my boyfriend because I have very low self esteem

Very conflicted about breaking off a 3 1/2 year relationship

Siblings before spouse and family

Wasting my time on another dead end relationship?

B/f blowing hot and cold with me and its not the first time he's done this!

Should I go back to my country? What other options are there to pay my tuition fees?

Getting married...and afraid of leaving home.

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